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Library renovation
In 1948, President Truman moved out of the White House so that renovation could begin to reconstruct the nation's first residence from the inside out. Ceilings, walls and floors were demolished to rebuild the White House as it now stands.

Today, the Harry S. Truman Library and Museum is preparing for its first major renovation since opening its doors in 1957. Beginning May 2000, walls will be torn down, floors will be torn up, exhibitions will be dismantled, and a $22.5 million project will begin.

The new Truman Library will do more than tell the story of a President. It will challenge visitors to explore the events and issues of the Truman era that continue to shape our lives and our future. Highlights of the newly renovated Truman Library will include two permanent multi-media and artifact-rich exhibitions: The Truman Presidency and The Life and Times of Harry S. Truman.


February - April 2000    All temporary exhibits open. All permanent features open
May - September 2000   All permanent features open. Some temporary museum exhibits closed
September 5 - February 2001   Museum closed to the public for renovation. Research room remains open.
March 2001   Museum reopens to the public. All permanent features open.
March 2001   Presidential Portraits, A special temporary exhibit from the Smithsonian Institution's National Portrait Gallery
Fall 2001   Grand reopening of the Museum.

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