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Provided courtesy of The American Presidency Project.  John Woolley and Gerhard Peters. University of California, Santa Barbara.
  180. Statement by the President Announcing an Economic Survey Mission to the Philippines  
June 29, 1950

THE United States Government, at the request of President Elpidio Quirino, is sending an American Economic Survey Mission to Manila to study and report on the present pressing economic problems of the Philippines. When President Quirino was in Washington last February, he discussed with me some of the difficulties which face his country. The idea of this mission has developed out of these discussions and subsequent ones in Manila between President Quirino and Ambassador Cowen.

The purpose of this Mission will be to survey the entire Philippine economic situation, to make recommendations on measures of self-help which might be undertaken by the Philippine Government itself, and to make recommendations on ways in which the United States might be helpful. President Quirino has assured me that this Mission will receive the fullest cooperation of the Philippine Government.

The Honorable Daniel W. Bell, president of the American Security and Trust Company of Washington, and formerly Under Secretary of the Treasury, has accepted the important position of Chief of the Mission. He will be my personal representative, with the personal rank of Ambassador, and will report directly to me. The Deputy Chief of the Mission will be Major General Richard J. Marshall, President of the Virginia Military Institute, who has had many years' experience in the Philippines. He will have the personal rank of Minister. Work is now proceeding actively on the selection of the other members of the Mission, and I hope it will be prepared to start its work early in July.

I consider this Mission to be of the highest importance, not only because of the results which I expect it to produce, but also because it is a symbol of the half century of intimate relationship between the Philippine and American peoples. It is my hope that the Mission will further solidify this historic association.
Provided courtesy of The American Presidency Project.  John Woolley and Gerhard Peters. University of California, Santa Barbara.