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 Profile of  India Edwards
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Associate Director, Women's Division, Democratic National Committee, 1947-1948
Executive Director, Women's Division, Democratic National Committee, 1948-1950
Vice Chairman, Democratic National Committee, 1950-1956
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1895 (June 16) Born, Chicago, Illinois
1918-1936 Society editor, Chicago Tribune
1936-1942 Woman's page editor, Chicago Tribune
1944 Volunteer, Women's Division, Democratic National Committee (DNC)
1945-1947 Executive Secretary, Women's Division, DNC
1947-1948 Associate Director, Women's Division, DNC
1948-1950 Executive Director, Women's Division, DNC
1948 Accompanied President Truman on Whistlestop Campaign
1950-1956 Vice-chairman, DNC
1951 Delegate to the World Health Organization
1952 Placed in nomination for Vice President of the United States at the Democratic National Convention
1956 Resigned as Vice-chairman of the DNC to become the campaign director in Averell Harriman's bid for the Democratic presidential nomination
1957-1959 Director, Washington office of the New York State Department of Commerce
1960s President, Girls Club of America, Inc.
1964-1966 Consultant, Department of Labor
1977 Published memoirs, Pulling No Punches: Memoirs of a Woman in Politics
1990 (January 17) Died, Sebastopol, California