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 Profile of  Robert L. Dennison
Brief profile :
Assistant Chief of Naval Operations, 1945-1947
Commander, USS Missouri (battleship), 1947-1948
Naval Aide to the President, 1948-1953
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Biographical sketch :  
1901 (April 13) Born, Warren, Pennsylvania
1923 B.S., United States Naval Academy
1930 M.S., Pennsylvania State College
1935 D. Eng., Johns Hopkins University
1935 Commander, USS Ortolan (submarine rescue vessel)
1937-1938 Commander, USS Cuttlefish (submarine)
1940-1941 Commander, USS John D. Ford (destroyer)
1944-1945 Member, Joint War Plans Committee, Joint Chiefs of Staff
1945-1947 Assistant Chief of Naval Operations
1947-1948 Commander, USS Missouri (battleship)
1948-1953 Naval Aide to the President
1956-1958 Commander, First Fleet, U.S. Pacific Fleet
1959 Promoted to rank of Admiral
1959-1960 Commander in Chief, U.S. Naval Forces, Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean
1960-1963 Supreme Allied Commander, Atlantic
1963-1973 Executive, Copley Newspapers
1980 (March 14) Died, Bethesda Naval Hospital, Washington, D.C.