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 Profile of  Clark M. Clifford
Brief profile :
Assistant Naval Aide to the President, 1945-1946
Naval Aide to the President, 1946
Special Counsel to the President, 1946-1950
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Biographical sketch :  
1906 (December 25) Born, Fort Scott, Kansas
1928 LL.B., Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri
1928-1944 Attorney, St. Louis, Missouri
1931 (October 3) Married Margery Pepperell Kimball
1944-1946 Officer, U.S. Naval Reserve
1945-1946 Assistant Naval Aide to the President
1946 Naval Aide to the President
1946-1950 Special Counsel to the President
1950-1968 Attorney, Clifford & Miller, Washington, D.C., and unofficial adviser to Presidents Truman, Kennedy, and Johnson
1968-1969 Secretary of Defense
1969-1991 Attorney, Clifford & Warnke, Washington, D.C.; unofficial adviser to President Carter; Chairman, First American Bankshares
1991 Author, Counsel to the President (with Richard Holbrooke)
1998 (October 10) Died, Bethesda, Maryland