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 Profile of  Walter Bedell Smith
Brief profile :
Ambassador to the Soviet Union, 1946-1949
Commanding General of the First Army, 1949-1950
Director, Central Intelligence Agency, 1950-1953
Retired from Army, February 9, 1953
Under Secretary of State, 1953-1954
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Biographical sketch :  
1895, October 5 Born, Indianapolis, Indiana
1917 Entered US Army as an Infantry Reserve Officer
1917-1918 Served in the 4th Division of the US Army in World War I
1935 Graduated, Army Command and General Staff School
1937 Graduated, Army War College
1942-1945 Chief of Staff to General Dwight D. Eisenhower
1945, April Arranged the surrender of German forces
1946-1949 Ambassador to the Soviet Union
1949-1950 Commanding General of the First Army
1950-1953 Director, Central Intelligence Agency
1953, February 9 Retired from Army
1953-1954 Under Secretary of State
1961, August 9 Died, Walter Reed Army Hospital, Washington, DC