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 Profile of  James F. Byrnes
Brief profile :
Secretary of State, 1945-1947
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Biographical sketch :  
1879 or 1882 (May 2) Born, Charleston, South Carolina
1903 Admitted to South Carolina Bar
1900-1908 Official Court Reporter, 2nd Circuit Court, South Carolina
1903-1907 Editor, "Journal and Review", Aiken, South Carolina
1908-1910 Solicitor, 2nd Circuit Court, South Carolina
1911-1925 U.S. Congressman, South Carolina
1920-1940 Delegate, Democratic National Convention
1925-1931 Private legal practice
1931-1941 U.S. Senator, South Carolina
1941-1942 Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court
1942-1943 Director, Office of Economic Stabilization
1943-1945 Director, Office of War Mobilization and Reconversion
1945-1947 Secretary of State
1951-1955 Governor, South Carolina
1972 (January 24) Died, Columbia, South Carolina