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 Profile of  Stuart Symington
Brief profile :
Chairman, Surplus Property Board, 1945
Administrator, Surplus Property Administration, 1945-1946
Assistant Secretary of War for Air, 1946-1947
Secretary of the Air Force, 1947-1950
Chairman, National Security Resources Board, 1950-1951
Administrator, Reconstruction Finance Corporation, 1951-1952
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Biographical sketch :  
1901 (June 26) Born in Amherst, Massachusetts
1918 Graduated from Baltimore City College
1918-1919 Served as Lieutenant in American Expeditionary Force during World War I
1923 B.A. from Yale University
1923-1925 Worked for Symington Company
1925 Founded Eastern Clay Products, Inc.
1927-1930 Executive Assistant to the President, Symington Company
1930-1934 President, Colonial Radio Corporation
1935-1937 President, Rustless Iron and Steel Corporation
1938-1945 President, Emerson Electric Manufacturing Company
1945 Chairman, Surplus Property Board
1945-1946 Administrator, Surplus Property Administration
1946-1947 Assistant Secretary of War for Air
1947-1950 Secretary of the Air Force
1950 Received Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws from Baylor University
1950-1951 Chairman, National Security Resources Board
1951-1952 Administrator, Reconstruction Finance Corporation
1953-1977 U.S. Senator from Missouri
1988 (December 14) Died at New Canaan, Connecticut