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 Profile of  John L. Sullivan
Brief profile :
Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, 1940-1944
Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Air, 1945-1946
Under Secretary of the Navy, 1946-1947
Secretary of the Navy, 1947-1949
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Biographical sketch :  
1899 (June 16) Born, Manchester, New Hampshire
1918 Served in U. S. Naval Reserve
1921 B.A., Dartmouth College
1924 LL.B., Harvard Law School
1929 Elected Solicitor, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire
1937 Commander of the New Hampshire Department of the American Legion
1939 Assistant to the U. S. Commissioner of Internal Revenue
1940-1944 Assistant Secretary of the Treasury
1945-1946 Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Air
1946-1947 Under Secretary of the Navy
1947-1949 Secretary of the Navy
1949 Returned to private law practice
1952 Active in the Democratic presidential campaign
1976 Active in behalf of Henry Jackson's presidential campaign
1982 (August 8) Died, Exeter, New Hampshire