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 Profile of  David H. Stowe
Brief profile :
Deputy to the Assistant to the President, 1947-1949
Administrative Assistant to the President, 1949-1953
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Biographical sketch :  
1910 (September 10) Born, New Canaan, Connecticut
1931 B.A., Duke University
1931-1937 History and economics teacher in junior colleges in North Carolina
1934 Master of Education, Duke University
1937-1941 Assistant State Director, North Carolina State Employment Service
1941-1947 Official, Bureau of the Budget
1943-1947 Chief Examiner, Bureau of the Budget
1947-1949 Deputy to the Assistant to the President
1949-1953 Administrative Assistant to the President
1952 Member, President Truman's staff aboard his campaign train
1953 Labor arbitrator and member, four presidential emergency boards appointed under the Railway Labor Act
1955-1970 Organizational Disputes Arbitrator, Industrial Union Department, AFL-CIO
1960 Member, former President Truman's staff during the 1960 campaign
1961-1967 Public member, The President's Missile Sites Labor Commission
1962-1978 Member, Atomic Energy Labor-Management Relations Panel
1970-1980 Member, National Mediation Board
1997 (November 10) Died, Baltimore, Maryland