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 Profile of  Charles Sawyer
Brief profile :
Ambassador to Belgium and Minister to Luxembourg, 1944-1945
Secretary of Commerce, 1948-1953
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Biographical sketch :  
1887 (February 10) Born, Cincinnati, Ohio
1908 A.B., Oberlin College
1911 LL.B., University of Cincinnati
1911 Admitted to the Ohio bar
1911-1915 Member, City Council, Cincinnati
1918-1919 Served in U.S. Army as Captain and Major
1919 Began private legal practice
1933-1935 Lieutenant Governor, Ohio
1936-1944 Member, Democratic National Committee from Ohio
1938 Democratic Candidate for Governor, Ohio
1944-1945 Ambassador to Belgium, Minister to Luxembourg
1947-1948 Member, Loyalty Review Board, U.S. Civil Service Commission
1948-1953 Secretary of Commerce
1953 Returned to private legal practice
1954 Chairman, Cincinnati Community Chest
1955-1960 Chairman, United Fund
1959-1960 Citizens Development Committee, Cincinnati
1959-1960 Member, Commission on Money and Credit
1979 (April 7) Died, Palm Beach, Florida