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 Profile of  J. Howard McGrath
Brief profile :
U. S. Senator, Rhode Island, 1947-1949
Chairman, Democratic National Committee, 1947-1949
U.S. Attorney General, 1949-1952
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Biographical sketch :  
1903 (November 28) Born in Woonsocket, Rhode Island
1926 Ph.B., Providence College
1929 LL.B., Boston University
1929 Admitted to the Rhode Island State Bar
1930-1934 City Solicitor, Central Falls, Rhode Island
1935-1940 U. S. District Attorney
1940-1945 Governor, Rhode Island
1945-1946 U. S. Solicitor General
1947-1949 U. S. Senator, Rhode Island
1947-1949 Chairman, Democratic National Committee
1949-1952 U. S. Attorney General
1952 Returned to private legal practice
1966 (September 2) Died, Narragansett, Rhode Island