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 Profile of  Julius A. Krug
Brief profile :
Chairman, War Production Board, 1944-1945
Secretary of the Interior, 1946-1949
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Biographical sketch :  
1907 (November 23) Born, Madison, Wisconsin
1929 A.B., University of Wisconsin
1930 M.A., University of Wisconsin
1930-1931 Research Statistician, Wisconsin Telephone Company
1932-1935 Chief, Depreciation Section, Wisconsin Public Service Commission
1936-1937 Public Utilities Expert, Federal Communications Commission
1937 Technical Director, Kentucky Public Service Commission
1938-1940 Chief Power Engineer, Tennessee Valley Authority
1940 Manager of Power, Tennessee Valley Authority
1941 Chief Power Consultant, Office of Production Management
1942 Deputy Director General for Priorities, War Production Board
1943-1944 Vice Chairman and Director, Office of War Utilities, War Production Board
1944 Lt. Commander, U.S. Navy
1944-1945 Chairman, War Production Board
1946-1949 Secretary of the Interior
1949-1970 Chairman of the Board, Brookside Mills, Inc.
1955-1956 Leader, United Nations Flood Control Mission to Pakistan
1956-1970 Chairman of the Board, Volunteer Asphalt Company
1970 (March 26) Died, Knoxville, Tennessee