Harry S. Truman Presidential Library & Museum


School Location Significance
Noland School 527 South Liberty Street
Independence, MO
Truman went here for his first and second grades, from 1892 to January 1894.
Columbian School 320 South River Boulevard
Independence, MO
Truman began fourth grade here in the fall of 1894. He left in the middle of fifth grade, but returned here for part of seventh grade as well as his second year of high school.
Ott School/Independence Public Library Liberty Street and College Avenue
Independence, MO
Truman began here in the middle of fifth grade, left, and then returned for his first year of high school. The Independence Public Library was in the Ott School from 1894 to 1898.
Independence High School/Independence Public Library Pleasant and Maple Avenues
Independence, MO
Truman transferred here in the middle of his second year of high school. He and Bess Wallace were both members of the 1901 graduating class. The Independence Public Library was in Independence High School from 1898 to 1908.
Spalding's Commercial College New York Life Building
814 to 818 Delaware Street
Kansas City, MO
Truman enrolled here soon after graduating from high school in 1901. He left after two semesters to help his father.
Kansas City School of Law 1013 Grand Avenue
Kansas City, MO
Truman attended night classes here from 1923 to 1925, during the two years he was eastern district judge of Jackson County.


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