World War II soldiers with captured Nazi flag
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Title:   World War II soldiers with captured Nazi flag
Description:   CoBrought to this country to tell civilians about the German counter offensive in the Ardennes, and well qualified to do the job, the group shown above, holding a captured Nazi Swastika, will tour the Sixth Service Command, making talks to war workers urging them to increase the output of vital war supplies. Left to right, they are: Sgt. Frederick R. Wheeler, Charleston, S.C.; Sgt. Hugh D. Thompson, Lufkin, Texas; Sgt. Samuel B. Hendrix, Claxton, Ga., lst Lieut. Walter J. McDowell, Hackensack., N.J.; Capt. James H, Cruickshank, Elizabeth N.J.; Sgt. James E. Colucci, Niagara Falls. N.Y.; Cpl. Henry C. Cogola, Chicago,I11.; Sgt. Elmer K. Forrest, Princeton, Ill.
Accession number:   72-3951
Subjects (ARC):   African American soldiers; Flags; Soldiers; World War, 1939-1945
Subjects (HST):   World War II - General File; Negroes; Civil Rights; Wheeler, Frederick R; Thompson, Hugh D.; Hendrix, Samuel B.; McDowell, Walter J.; Cruickshank, James H; Colucci, James E.; Cogola, Henry C.; Forrest, Elmer K.
People:   Cogola, Henry C.; Colucci, James E.; Cruickshank, James H.; Forrest, Elmer K.; Hendrix, Samuel B.; McDowell, Walter J.; Thompson, Hugh D.; Wheeler, Frederick R.
Date:   March 1, 1945
Physical Size:   8x10 inches (21x26 cm)
Color:   Black & White
Cropped:   no
Rights:   Public Domain: This item can be used freely without further permission.
Credit:   United States Army.
Harry S. Truman Library & Museum.
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