President Truman
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Title:   President Truman's study at the White House
Description:   President Truman's Study, second floor oval room. The Steinway grand piano is now a museum object at the Truman Library, as are two of the paintings: "At the Beach of Scheveningen," (or Dutch Harbor) by Hendrik William Mesdaq, and the portrait of Martha Ellen Truman by Jerry Farnsworth. From an album of photographs by Abbie Rowe of the White House prior to the 1949 renovation.
Accession number:   82-54-52
Subjects (ARC):   Building repair and reconstruction; Dwellings; Presidential residences
Subjects (HST):   White House - Rooms - Study, Second Floor Oval Room; Piano - Truman; Paintings - Farnsworth, Jerry; Truman - Family - Mother - No date; Paintings - Mesdaq, Hendrik William
Date:   May 19, 1948
Physical Size:   8x10 inches (21x26 cm)
Color:   Black & White
Cropped:   no
Rights:   Public Domain: This item can be used freely without further permission.
Photographer:   Rowe, Abbie
Credit:   Abbie Rowe, National Park Service.
Harry S. Truman Library & Museum.
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