Stalin, Churchill, Truman and others at Potsdam Conference
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Title:   Stalin, Churchill, Truman and others at Potsdam Conference
Description:   Delegates gathered around the conference table at the Potsdam Conference in Germany. Soviet Prime Minister Josef Stalin is on the left, seated opposite the Soviet flag on the table; Soviet foreign minister Vyacheslav Molotov is on Stalin's right. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill is seated on the right, opposite the the British flag on the table; Clement Attlee is seated two to the left of Churchill. President Harry S. Truman is near the center, opposite the United States flag, wearing a bow tie and gesturing with his hand. Secretary of State James Byrnes is on the left of Truman; Admiral William D. Leahy is to the left of Byrnes. Interpreter Charles Bohlen is to the right of Truman. Seated behind Bohlen is Captain James Vardaman. Averell Harriman is seated to the right of Vardaman (partly obscured). General Harry Vaughan is standing, fifth from the right. Others are unidentified. From Potsdam album, 1945
Accession number:   63-1456-45
Subjects (ARC):   Armed forces officers; Cabinet officers; Naval officers; Potsdam Conference, 1945; Presidents; Prime ministers; United States-Soviet relations
Subjects (HST):   Potsdam - Conference area; Truman - Potsdam - Conference area
People:   Attlee, C. R. (Clement Richard), 1883-1967; Byrnes, James F. (James Francis), 1882-1972; Churchill, Winston, Sir, 1874-1965; Leahy, William D. (William Daniel), 1875-1959; Molotov, Vyacheslav Mikhaylovich, 1890-; Stalin, Joseph, 1879-1953; Truman, Harry S., 1884-1972; Vaughan, Harry H., 1893-1981; Bohlen, Charles E. (Charles Eustis), 1904-1974; Harriman, W. Averell (William Averell), 1891-1986; Vardaman, James K. (James Kimble), 1894-1972
Date:   July 19, 1945
Physical Size:   8x10 inches (21x26 cm)
Color:   Black & White
Cropped:   no
Rights:   Public Domain: This item can be used freely without further permission.
Credit:   United States Army Signal Corps.
Harry S. Truman Library & Museum.
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