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Oral History Interviews with
James R. Fuchs

Oral History at the Harry S. Truman Library with James R. Fuchs. What is an Oral History and how are they created and used at the Harry S. Truman Library.

Volume 1, March 18, 1976 | Volume 2, March 19, 1976 | Volume 3, March 19, 1976

Independence, Missouri
March 18, 1976
by J.T. Curry and P.D. Lagerquist

See Also Additional James R. Fuchs Oral History with Monte Poen dated June 20, 1979.

[Notices and Restrictions]

These are transcripts of tape-recorded interviews conducted for the Harry S. Truman Library. A draft of each transcript was edited by the interviewee but only minor emendations were made; therefore, the reader should remember that these are essentially transcripts of the spoken, rather than the written word.

Numbers appearing in square brackets (ex. [45]) within the transcript indicate the pagination in the original, hardcopy version of the oral history interview.

These oral history transcripts may be read, quoted from, cited, and reproduced for purposes of research. They may not be published in full except by permission of the Harry S. Truman Library.

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