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Dr. Kathryn Weathersby speaks on "Cold War Secrets"
At Truman Presidential Museum Auditorium

On Thursday, February 27 at 7:00 PM, Dr. Kathryn Weathersby, a fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholarship and past fellow of the Norwegian Nobel Institute, will speak on "Cold War Secrets." Dr. Weathersby's speech will provide the keynote for a conference on "War and Media" organized by the Center for Study of the Korean War at Graceland University. Dr. Weathersby is an expert on the translation and analysis of Russian documents concerning the Cold War and her speech will consider some of the most recent information emerging from the these documents. Well versed on the Soviet involvement in the Korean War, Dr Weathersby will provide insightful interpretation of Soviet-American confrontation on the Korean peninsula and beyond.

Dr, Weathersby's speech is co-sponsored by the Truman Presidential Museum & Library and the Center for the Study of the Korean War at Graceland University as part of the Center's "War and Media" conference. For information on the "War and Media" conference, contact Dr. Paul Edwards at 816-833-0524.

Dr. Weathersby's speech is open to the public with paid museum admission. For reservations call Central Ticket Office at 816-235-6222.

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