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Prepared by Randy Sowell, January 1999

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PRESIDENT'S SECRETARY'S FILES-Includes material on the negotiation and signing of the North Atlantic Treaty; correspondence between President Truman and General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Allied Commander, Europe; related correspondence from Dean Acheson, George C. Marshall, and W. Averell Harriman; material concerning meetings of the North Atlantic Council; reports by the National Security Council and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) on such topics as the relative capabilities of Soviet-bloc and NATO forces in Europe; and other information. Approx. 500 pages, 1949-52.

WHITE HOUSE CENTRAL FILES: OFFICIAL FILE --Official File 66 includes correspondence and other material regarding the North Atlantic Treaty and its ratification; the Noorth Atlantic Council and its Defense Committee; the appointment of General Matthew Ridgway to succeed General Eisenhower as Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, in 1952; and related subjects. Approx. 600 pages, 1949-52.

WHITE HOUSE CENTRAL FILES: CONFIDENTIAL FILE --Includes information on the proposed Atlantic Union; North Atlantic defense arrangements; Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE); and the issue of Greek and Turkish membership in NATO. Approx. 60 pages, 1950-52.

STAFF MEMBER AND OFFICE FILES: NAVAL AIDE TO THE PRESIDENT FILES--State Department summaries of telegrams containing information about the formulation of the North Atlantic Treaty; U.S. military assistance to Western Europe; the role of Germany; meetings of the North Atlantic Council; and other issues relating to NATO. Approx. 50 pages, 1949-52.

Allied Atlantic Command, NATO

STAFF MEMBER AND OFFICE FILES: PSYCHOLOGICAL STRATEGY BOARD FILES-- Includes memoranda and other material relating to efforts to undermine Communist Party influence in France and Italy, and psychological warfare pertaining to America’s NATO allies. Approx. 200 pages, 1951-52.

STAFF MEMBER AND OFFICE FILES: WHITE HOUSE SOCIAL OFFICE FILES--Includes guest lists and letters accepting invitations to a dinner and reception held at the Carlton Hotel in Washington in honor of the signers of the North Atlantic Treaty, April 4, 1949. Approx. 60 pages, 1949.

STAFF MEMBER AND OFFICE FILES: CLARK M. CLIFFORD FILES--Includes a memorandum suggesting the framework of a collective defense agreement for the North Atlantic community; corresponndence and press releases regarding the North Atlantic Treaty; CIA summaries of foreign radio reaction to the treaty; information concerning the Mutual Defense Assistance Act of 1949; and other relevant material. Approx. 60 pages, 1948-50.

STAFF MEMBER AND OFFICE FILES: DAVID D. LLOYD FILES--Includes drafts of speeches delivered by President Truman at the signing of the North Atlantic Treaty on April 4, 1949, and on the third anniversary of the signing of the treaty, with related items. Approx. 80 pages, 1949-52.

NATO flag STAFF MEMBER AND OFFICE FILES: CHARLES S. MURPHY FILES--Includes speech drafts, correspondence, press releases, printed material, and other items regarding the North Atlantic Treatty; the President’s speech at the signing ceremony; his message to the Senate transmitting the treaty for ratification; and his remarks during the visit of Queen Juliana of the Netherlands in 1952, commemorating the third anniversary of NATO. Approx. 130 pages, 1949-52.

POST-PRESIDENTIAL PAPERS--This collection contains correspondence regarding the American Council on NATO, Inc.; material on a proposal to reduce U.S. military forces in Western Europe; and transcripts of interviews with ex-President Truman and Dean Acheson concerning NATO and related foreign policy issues, conducted during the preparation of Mr. Truman’s Memoirs. Approx. 50 pages, 1955-71.

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DEAN ACHESON PAPERS--Includes correspondence; memoranda of conversation; drafts of speeches and articles; seminar transcripts; and other material concerning the North Atlantic Treaty, NATO, and the Atlantic Council of the United States. Approx. 800 pages, 1949-71.

WILL L. CLAYTON PAPERS--This collection contains extensive correspondence and other documents regarding the activities of the Atlantic Union Committtee and the Atlantic Council of the United States, private organizations which sought to strengthen political ties between NATO countries. Approx. 9000 pages, 1950-66.

CLARK M. CLIFFORD PAPERS--Includes drafts of speeches and statements by President Truman relating to the North Atlantic Treaty. Approx. 50 pages, 1944-9.

GEORGE M. ELSEY PAPERS--Includes press releases, printed material, and other items regarding the establishment and early history of NATO. Approx. 2200 pages, 1949-50.

THOMAS K. FINLETTER PAPERS--This collection includes correspondence, appointment books, notes, newspaper clippings, and other material documenting Finleetter’s tenure as U.S. ambassador to NATO from 1961 to 1965. Approx. 800 pages, 1952-65.

STEPHEN J. SPINGARN PAPERS--Includes reports, newspaper clippings, press releases, and other material concerning the North Atlantic Treaty and American public opinion regarding the pact. Approx. 100 pages, 1949.

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THEODORE C. ACHILLES--Approximately 100 pages relating to the creation and early history of NATO.

JOHN D. HICKERSON--Approximately 30 pages on the origins and organization of NATO.

MILTON KATZ--Approximately 15 pages relating to NATO, France, and the Marshall Plan.

CLIFFORD C. MATLOCK--Approximately 50 pages on NATO.

JOHN H. OHLY--Approximately 15 pages on NATO.

FRANCIS O. WILCOX--Approximately 15 pages on the U.S. Senate’s role in the creation of NATO.