Harry S. Truman Presidential Library & Museum

Mobilizing For War:
Poster Art of World War II

Teaching Activity - Starve the Squander Bug

01.1.111. Who do you think was the artist of this poster? Does it look similar to art you have seen before? Give examples.

2. Describe any symbols used in this poster and explain what each one represents

3. What do you think the phrase "Starve the Squander Bug" means? What do you think a Squander Bug is?

4. Who is the intended audience for this poster?

5. What colors are used in the poster? Why do you think the artist choose to use these colors?

6. What do you think this poster encourages American citizens to do? Why?

7. Where do you think the government had this poster displayed?

8. What is the main message of this poster? Is it: (check all that apply)

___ seeking your support for the soldiers and sailors?
___ asking you to do your part on the home front?
___ intending to stir up bad feelings toward the enemy soldier and nation?
___ other ________________________

Further Activities
a. Have students create their own World War II poster to gain public support for the war effort.