Harry S. Truman Presidential Library & Museum

Mobilizing For War:
Poster Art of World War II

Teaching Activity - Loose Talk Can Cost Lives

01.2.3101. What is the main message of this poster?

2. What do you think the phrase "Loose Talk Can Cost Lives" means? Explain in your own words.

3. What do you think the phrase "Don't Be A Dope And Spread Inside Dope" means? Explain in your own words.

4. Why do you think the creator of this poster choose to display Hitler's image in the background? Do you feel that his image sets the tone for the poster?

5. What is your immediate reaction upon seeing this poster for the first time? Appealing? Shocking? What emotions if any does it bring forth in you?

6. Would this poster, with modifications and/or changes, be effectively used today?

Further Activities:
a. Write a dialog of the conversation between the two men. What are they saying to each other?

b. Design a poster Germany could display to counteract the message of this poster.