• Boyhood
  • Farm Years
  • Becoming a Man
  • Family
  • Military Service
  • Home from the War
  • County Judge
  • Senator
  • Senate to the White House
  • Living in the White House
  • Traveling President
  • Mr Citizen
  • Harry S. Truman: His Life and Times
  • Museum Hours
  • Directions to Museum
  • Educational Activities
  • News Release
  • Truman Library Home
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    The exhibit has five major educational interactive areas for students and families to enjoy.

    Truman Family

    Students will have the opportunity to dress like the Truman family in an interactive dress-up area. Clothes, shoes, hats and accessories will all be available for students to dress like Harry, Bess and Margaret.

    Children's books about the Presidency, Harry Truman, and the White House will be on display for students to read. Photograph scrapbooks detailing the lives of the Trumans and a Truman footlocker will also be available to teach students more about Truman's life and times.

    Truman on the Farm

    Students will discover a variety of objects hidden behind closed doors that represent Truman's years on the farm. Students will be able to touch and feel the objects and decide what they think the object is before it is revealed to them.

    While Truman lived at the Grandview Farm he often visited Bess in Independence. He would take the train and streetcar to get there. In 1913, Truman bought a 1911 Stafford motor car so he could visit Bess more frequently.

    Students will have the chance to take a trip with Harry! They can choose to take an interactive journey by train and streetcar or by car to visit Bess. They can even race a friend to see who arrives first!


    Growing up Truman had a variety of jobs. This interactive area allows students to discover the variety of jobs Truman had. They will be given keys to match a door for each occupation.

    One of Truman's early jobs was postmaster. Students will sort the mail in an interactive exercise that will also teach them about the variety of places Truman lived during his life.

    Visitors will also be able to write a letter to Truman in an interactive letter writing station.

    Truman Quiz

    Test your student's knowledge of the exhibit by having them take part in the Truman Trivia quiz. This computer activated quiz allows three players to compete against each other. All of the answers are in the exhibit, so the students can browse the exhibit to find the correct response.

    Make your own desk sign and campaign button

    Students can make their own "Buck Stops Here" desk sign and election campaign button to take home. This interactive area allows students to be creative and make their own desk sign and campaign buttons. Colored pencils, scissors and templates are provided. Students can take home their buttons and desk signs to show their teachers, parents and friends.