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Harry S. Truman Political Campaign Collections

Dates: 1924-2013.

The Harry S. Truman Political Campaigns Collection consists of various types of documents pertaining to Harry S. Truman's elections to such political offices as Jackson County Judge, United States Senator, Vice President, and President of the United States. Included are campaign speeches, Inauguration programs and tickets, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, voting records, postcards, and memorabilia related to Truman's campaigns. This collection is a combination of documents from various donors, mostly taken from the Miscellaneous Historical Documents Collection (MHDC).

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Size: 1 linear foot, 4 linear inches (about 2,400 pages).
Access: Open.
Copyright: Documents created by U.S. government employees in the course of their official duties are in the public domain. The copyright interest in other materials presumably belongs to the creators of those materials, or their heirs.
Processed by: Josh Dreiling (2012) as part of the Truman Library Internship Program.
Supervising Archivists: Randy Sowell and David Clark.

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The Harry S. Truman Political Campaigns Collection consists of various types of documents pertaining to Harry S. Truman's campaigns for public office, from his successful bid for election as Jackson County Judge in 1922 to his triumphant Presidential campaign of 1948. This collection is a combination of documents from various donors. Most were originally opened for research as part of the Miscellaneous Historical Documents Collection (MHDC); the original MHDC numbers are included in the folder title list.

Important documents in this collection include transcripts of speeches from Truman's 1948 Presidential campaign; invitations, programs, and tickets for Inauguration events and the Democratic National Convention; memorabilia from Truman's railroad trips, including train menus and postcards; scrapbooks cataloguing the press coverage of Truman's campaigns, with political cartoons, commentary, and news articles; and an extensive scrapbook on the Gutenberg Bible used by Truman in his 1949 Inauguration, with pertinent newspaper clippings from forty-eight states.

In addition to documenting Truman's campaigns for County Judge, U.S. Senator, Vice President, and President, the collection also contains information about a few other campaigns involving Truman in which he was not a candidate. Included among these materials is an autographed railroad menu from his 1952 campaign trip in behalf of Democratic Presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson.

More information about Truman's political campaigns can be found in the President's Secretary's Files and in the papers of Clark Clifford, Victor Messall, Fred Canfil, and George Elsey.

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Container Nos.Series
1-3 SUBJECT FILE, 1924-2013
Transcripts, photographs, handwritten notes, newspaper clippings, articles, postcards, scrapbooks, letters, press releases, Inauguration tickets and programs, ballots, maps, railroad campaign items, and other memorabilia related to Harry S. Truman's political campaigns. Arranged alphabetically.

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Box 1
  • Bassett, Kenna: Reminiscences of Robert Larson of Casey, Iowa, About President Truman's Campaign Speech in Dexter, Iowa, September 18, 1948
  • Bodine, Harry: 1948 Presidential Campaign Map and Explanatory Text,  [MHDC 343]
  • Campaign Card for Harry S. Truman, Presiding Judge, Jackson County Court [MHDC 191]
  • Campaign Speeches of President Truman, 1948 [MHDC 578]
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  • Campaign, 1922: Interview with John Woodhouse Regarding Truman's Campaign Rallies. Interview Conducted by Niel Johnson, November 19, 1986 [MHDC 648]
  • Campaign, 1934: Card for Truman as Candidate for U.S. Senate, Democratic Primary Election, August 7, 1934. Donated by Matt Tirpak
  • Campaign, 1934: Letter from Alex Sachs to J. W. Reilly, June 5, 1934. Donated by Joe A. Reilly [MHDC 207]
  • Campaign, 1944: Letter from Robert Pritzker Recalling Events at the 1944 Democratic National Convention. Donated by Robert A. Pritzker [MHDC 787]
  • Campaign, 1944: Note from Harry S. Truman to Maurice Milligan, with Related Clippings. Donated by the Truman Library Institute
  • Campaign, 1948: Correspondence Between Harold Ickes and William Campbell, November 1948. Copies from the William J. Campbell Papers [MHDC 156]
  • Campaign, 1948: Correspondence With Howard Kirkpatrick Concerning Truman's Speaking Style. Donated by Howard J. Kirkpatrick [MHDC 651]
  • Campaign, 1948: Handwritten and Typed Draft of Radio Speech by Truman, October 21, 1948. Donated by the Harry S. Truman Library Institute [MHDC 955]
  • Campaign, 1948: "Harry Truman in Schenectady Fifty Years Ago" by William M. Murphy, October 1, 1998. Donated by William M. Murphy [MHDC 832]
  • Campaign, 1948: Letter from Truman to Adlai Stevenson, November 29, 1948. Copy from the Adlai E. Stevenson Papers [MHDC 382]
  • Campaign, 1948: Newsweek Election Edition, November 8, 1948 [MHDC 768]
  • Campaign, 1948: Speech by Stanley McDermott of New Orleans, Louisiana, in Support of the Truman-Barkley Ticket, with Related Information. Donated by Miriam McDermott Miller
  • Campaign, 1950: Campaign Letter from James Pendergast and Other Items. Donated by Amy Haun
  • Campaign, 1952: Handwritten Note by Truman Announcing He Would Not Be a Candidate for Reelection in 1952. Copy donated by William R. Coleman [MHDC 794]
  • Campaign, 1956: Letter from Truman Regarding the Democratic National Convention, September 6, 1956. Copy donated by Kathy Florey [MHDC 807]
  • Campaigns, 1922 and 1924: Tabulations by Truman of Votes in the 1922 and 1924 County Judge Elections, on the Back of an Undated Letter to L. Curtis Tiernan. Copy donated by Keith Wilson [MHDC 252]
  • Campaigns, 1940 and 1948: Election Tally Sheet, Memorandum on the Duties of Election Judges and Clerks, and Sample Ballot. Donated by Ron Bodinson
  • Clayton, Juanita: List of Voters, Sample Ballots, and Other Items Relating to Democratic Campaigns in the Kansas City Area, 1948, 1960 [MHDC 857]
  • Democratic National Committee: Press Releases on 1949 Inauguration [MHDC 1]
  • "Dewey Defeats Truman" Newspapers, November 3, 1948
  • DeWitt, Mrs. J. Roger: Invitations to 1945, 1949, and 1961 Inauguration Events and Program for 1949 Inauguration [MHDC 84 and 85]
  • Donovan, Robert J.: Letter from Warren Moscow Concerning the Nomination of Truman for Vice President, April 22, 1982 [MHDC 484]
  • Dreyer, Charles B.: Ticket to the 1948 Democratic National Convention MHDC 939]
  • Election Forecasts from U.S. News and World Report and the New York Times, 1948 [MHDC 537]
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt Library: Exchange of Correspondence Between Harry S. Truman and Harry Hopkins After the 1944 Election [MHDC 453]
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt Library: Telegram from President Roosevelt to Senator Harry S. Truman Congratulating Him on His Nomination for Vice President, July 21, 1944 [MHDC 416]
  • Gabriel, Russell W.: Invitations and Program for 1949 Inaugural Events, With Correspondence from Harry S. Truman [MHDC 386]
  • Goodman, John M: Items Relating to the Political Campaigns of Harry S. Truman and William T. Goodman [MHDC 440]
Box 2
  • Hall, Mrs. Weir: Scrapbook of the Presidential Election of 1948
  • Hawley, Madeline K.: Photographs, Postcards, Menus, and Other Memorabilia Collected by Sgt. Howard Williams from President Truman's Campaign Train in 1948 [MHDC 842]
  • Inauguration, 1949: Account of the Inaugural Parade. Donated by Carol Kramer
  • Inauguration, 1949: Arrangement and Details of the Metropolitan Police for the Inauguration of President Truman. Donated by David Dary [MHDC 833]
  • Inauguration, 1949: Diagram of Seating on President's Platform [MHDC 687]
  • Inauguration, 1949: “Exhibit of the Armed Forces” Brochure. Donated by Arleen Weber
  • Inauguration, 1949: Inaugural Dinner Program, January 19, 1949. Donated by Allison Moore
  • Inauguration, 1949: Inaugural Program No. 1. Donated by Raymond J. Hartman [MHDC 531]
  • Inauguration, 1949: Inauguration Ceremonies Program and Ticket. Donated by Mary Lyons [MHDC 922]
  • Inauguration, 1949: Invitations to Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Corn and Sharon Corn. Donated by Kyle Thornham
  • Inauguration, 1949: Pen and Ink Longhand Copy of Truman's Inaugural Address. Donated by John Bolos, Jr. [MHDC 321]
  • Inauguration, 1949: Programs to Inaugural Events [MHDC 538]
  • Inauguration, 1949: Two Tickets of Admission [MHDC 51]
  • Jackson County Historical Society: Campaign Poster for Reelection of Harry S. Truman as Eastern District Judge, Jackson County Court, 1924 [MHDC 163]
  • Johnson, Bill A.: Raphael's Astrological Almanac, 1948, With Article, "Will President Truman Serve Another Term?" [MHDC 545]
  • Jones, Mrs. L. P.: Scrapbook on the 1944 and 1948 Presidential Campaigns
  • Joyce, Mrs. Frank: Scrapbook on the 1948 Campaign and Election
  • Keck, Charles and Anne: "Little Harry and His Magic Campaign," a Scrapbook on the 1948 Campaign
  • Kenney, L.: "1948 Election," a Scrapbook
  • Lubell, Samuel: "Who Really Elected Truman?"; Saturday Evening Post, January 22, 1949, With Annotation by Harry S. Truman [MHDC 10]
  • Manz, Karen P.: Papers of Secret Service Agent Lewis O. Padgett Relating to the 1949 Inauguration [MHDC 941]
  • Menu for President Truman's Campaign Trip to the Midwest, Autographed by the President, September 1, 1952 [MHDC 874]
  • Menus From President. Truman's Railroad Trips During the 1948 Campaign [MHDC 536]
  • Mills, Thomas H.: Official Election Ballot, District No. 3, Humboldt Precinct, Gibson County, Tennessee, November 2, 1948 [MHDC 77]
  • Mitchell, Frank: "Who is Judge Truman?—The Truman-for-Governor Movement of 1931." [MHDC 30]
  • Nebraska State Historical Society: 1949 Inaugural Program, Inaugural Gala Program, and Inaugural Gala Ticket [MHDC 924]
Box 3
  • "News Clips From 48 States": Scrapbook on the Gutenberg Bible Used in President Truman's 1949 Inauguration
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  • Official Ballot for Missouri General Election, Tuesday, November 6, 1934 [MHDC 340]
  • "President Harry S. Truman": Scrapbook of the 1948 Campaign
  • Pulley, Gerald: Two Menus from President Truman's Trip to the West Coast, June 1948 [MHDC 843]
  • Putsavage, Mrs. Teresa C.: Scrapbook of the Campaign and Election of 1948
  • Radio Schedule for Campaign Speech by Senator Harry S. Truman, Independence, Missouri, November 4, 1944 [MHDC 402]
  • Register of Voters and Record of Votes Cast, San Pedro Precinct No. 2389-A, Los Angeles, California, November 2, 1948 [MHDC 75]
  • Reynolds, Mrs. Alvera: Official Ballot for Missouri General Election, Tuesday, November 6, 1934 [MHDC 317]
  • Riederer, Henry A.: Letter to President. Truman Congratulating Him on Winning the 1948 Election, November 4, 1948 [MHDC 389]
  • Sand, Gregory: Correspondence from James H. Rowe and Copy of Rowe's Memorandum, "The Politics of 1948" [MHDC 576]
  • Sims, Mrs. Mildred: Letter from W. L. Bouchard Promoting Harry S. Truman as a Candidate for U.S. Senate, July 23, 1934 [MHDC 483]
  • Smalley, Miss Flora: Scrapbook of the Campaign and Election of 1948
  • Train Orders for President. Truman's Campaign Train, September 23, 1948 [MHDC 69]
  • Truman, Harry S.: Certificate from Jackson County Court Marking His Election as U.S. Senator, December 1934 [MHDC 106]
  • Truman, Harry S.: Notes for Speech Acknowledging His Nomination for Vice President, July 21, 1944 [MHDC 7]
  • Wilson, Keith, Jr.: Menus from President. Truman's Railroad Trips, 1948 [MHDC 569]
  • Wood, Rebekah: Invitation to the Inauguration of President Truman, January 20, 1949 [MHDC 892]
  • Zadory, Frank and Joan: Official Program for the Inauguration of President  Truman, January 20, 1949 [MHDC 808]

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