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Edgar Rickard

Edgar Rickard (1874-1951) was a longtime friend and close confidant of President Herbert Hoover. Contemporaries in the international mining industry at the turn of the century, the two men developed a strong personal relationship that they would maintain throughout their lives.

When Hoover became chairman of the Commission for the Relief of Belgium (CRB) in 1914, Rickard agreed to become his assistant, serving as "Honorary Secretary." The two continued to work together in a variety of war and post-war organizations over the next several years.

Rickard remained Hoover's friend and confidant throughout Hoover's presidency and beyond. In 1945, when it became apparent that the Truman administration would welcome Hoover's input on matters regarding the war and its aftermath, Rickard hesitated. He agreed with Hoover that it was important for President Truman to initiate the contact. This was just one of several conversations the two men had in regard to this subject which were recorded by Rickard in his diary. Due to their long friendship as well as the level of trust shared by Rickard and Hoover, Rickard's diary has become an accurate and candid source of historical information concerning President Hoover and his life.


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