Negative Effects

     Aside from the new drug's benefits, some precautions and adverse effects must be considered. In its first and impure stages, injections of insulin caused pain and abscesses at the injection sites (Yuwiler 68). Another issue that remains today is Hypoglycemia, or insulin shock, a dangerously low blood glucose level. This reaction "...may be the result of either a direct overdose or imbalance between insulin injection and level of exercise and diet," and can be treated with glucose (Davidson). Also, insulin inhibits milk production in women, so it's not recommended they breast feed (Davidson).

Yuwiler 62
Early insulin formula (Yuwiler 62)
In an interview with Dr. Richard Hellman, he states:
“…when I was a medical student in 1962, at that time the insulin was very different than it is today. For a person with diabetes, if they were in insulin dependant diabetic, it was really a big commitment. And it was a hard commitment. To give you an idea, when I first started, the insulins we had were very impure. They were, for the most part, a mixture of beef and pork insulins, and even though the companies, the rival companies, Lilly and Novo Nordisk, were highly competitive, the fact of the matter is by present day standards the insulin was less pure than it should be. And it was very common for people to have a great deal of pain where the insulin injection took place, and we would see lumps in the skin. We call them Lipohypertrophy, or lipoatrophy.” (Hellman)