“A person who is an insulin dependant diabetic must have insulin.
Without it, they die... insulin is life-sustaining. It is, for people who only have a partial deficit of insulin, still the most powerful way to reduce the blood sugar in those people. So it is a very powerful tool” (Hellman).
Insulin recipient's appreciation letter (McCormick)
The impact of Dr. Banting's research is seen in 23.6 million children and adults in the United States who have diabetes today, many of whom depend on insulin. Every 20 seconds, someone learns they have diabetes and in the next 24 hours, 4,320 new cases will be diagnosed ("Diabetes Statistics"). Because of insulin, many of these people have the opportunity to live longer, stronger, and free of suffering. As a type one diabetic for nearly eight years now, my life depends on insulin every day. I have had my own small encounters with extremely high blood sugars, and find the pain and discomfort hard to bear for just an hour or two. I cannot imagine being forced to live my whole life in pain without hope of relief.

Insulin is only a diabetic treatment. A cure has yet to be discovered. However, I strongly believe that insulin is by far one of the most significant innovations in the medical field, and its impact on diabetics' lives has changed the world for the better.
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