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The museum is closed each year on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day.

Former President Truman observing a museum exhibit

Museum Hours

Monday - Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Sundays: Noon to 5:00 p.m.

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Admission to the Truman Library and Museum costs:

  • $8 for adults
  • $7 for seniors 65 and older
  • $3 for children ages 6 to 15
  • Free for children 5 years and under
  • There is no admission to enter the Museum Store
  • The Museum is closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year's Day
  • Admission charges for all veterans and active military members will be waived from VE Day (May 8) through VJ Day (August 15)

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24-hour info line: (800) 833-1225
Administrative offices: (816) 268-8200
E-mail: truman.library@nara.gov

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Visitors are allowed to take pictures throughout the museum, but the use of a flash is prohibited.

Manual wheelchairs are provided to museum visitors at no charge and are available on a first come / first served basis. Please inquire at the admissions desk.

Temporary Exhibition

Heroes or Corpses: Captain Truman in World War I

Harry Truman was the only American President to serve in combat in World War I. As the captain of an artillery battery of about 200 men, he took fire from German forces in eastern France during the closing months of the war. This exhibition follows Truman’s personal journey through months of training and combat. The story is told largely in his own words penned in letters to his fiancee Bess Wallace, in diary entries, and in later recollections.

In addition to original letters and documents, the exhibition will feature nearly three dozen items from Truman’s own combat gear, as well as materials from other men who served with Truman during the war and went on to play significant roles in his personal life and political career. While focusing on Truman’s own journey, the exhibition is set against the background of the war itself and will feature a number of important original items from the war, including a ship’s manifest from the RMS Lusitania, the Zimmermann telegram, and a ceremonial copy of the Versailles Treaty. The Zimmerman Telegram and the Versailles Treaty are on loan from the National Archives.

This exhibition, which runs March 10 - December 31, 2018, is included in the museum admission price.

Permanent Exhibitions

Truman: The Presidential Years

The major issues and events of Harry Truman's Presidency are highlighted in this 10,500-square-foot core exhibition. Featuring two decision theaters, enhanced audio and video programs, and new interactive elements, this exhibition forms the centerpiece of the Truman Library and Museum.

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Harry S. Truman: His Life and Times

This major permanent exhibition highlights the personal side of the life of Harry Truman and his family. Featuring many important objects from the Truman Library collections, this exhibition follows the lives of the Trumans primarily through the many letters exchanged between Harry and Bess Truman over the years.

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