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Termination and Liquidation of the War Relocation Authority 3

By virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitute and statutes, including Title I of the First War Powers Act, 1941 (55 Stat. 838), and as President of the United States, it is hereby order as follows:

The War Relocation authority, established by Executive Order No 9102 of March 18, 1942,1 and transferred to the Department of the Interior by Executive Order 9423 of February 16, 1944,2 is terminated as an organizational entity within the Department of the Interior, and the office of the Director of the War Relocation Authority is abolished.

The Secretary of the Interior, acting through such agency or agencies of the Department of the Interior as he shall designate, is authorized and directed to wind up the affairs of the Authority, and to utilize for such purpose so much of the personnel, records, property, and funds of the Authority as may be necessary. The powers conferred upon the Secretary of the Interior by Executive Order No. 9102 as modified by Executive Order No. 9423 may be exercised by the Secretary of the Interior to the extend necessary for the effective liquidation of the affairs of the authority.

All provisions of prior Executive orders which are in conflict with this order are amended accordingly.

This order shall become effective at the close of business June 30, 1946.

Noted in Chapter I of Title 32

June 25, 1946