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Harry S. Truman 1947 Diary

President Harry S.Truman's 1947 Diary Book,
1947 Diary and Manual of the Real Estate Board of New York, Inc.
Transcribed by Raymond H. Geselbracht, Education and Academic Coordinator

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Transcriber's note: A 1947 diary book, bearing the title 1947 Diary and Manual of the Real Estate Board of New York, Inc., was sent to President Truman by Matthew G. Ely, the board's president, in late 1946.

Rose Conway, Truman's personal secretary, acknowledged the gift on December 27 and put the diary book, as her notation indicates, "in the President's desk in office." She made a note on the first page of the diary book, "Ack'd RAC." A slip of paper interleaved in the diary book when it was discovered at the Truman Library in 2003, marked "President's Study," suggests that Truman used it in his oval study in the White House Residence.

President Truman's diary book for 1947 is transcribed as closely to his handwritten text as possible. Spelling and capitalization are presented as Truman wrote them, misspelled words being followed by "sic" in brackets. Military and governmental titles, which Truman usually abbreviates, are presented complete, with added letters in brackets. All other changes introduced by the transcriber are also put in brackets.

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1947 Diary online created by Brad Houston (2003) as part of the Internship Program at the Truman Library.