Harry S. Truman Presidential Library & Museum

Truman Presidential Inquiries
A joint project of the Truman Library and Independence School District

Lesson Topics

2015 Lessons

Establishment of the CIA

What is the role of a secret intelligence agency in a transparent democracy?

Harry S. Truman and Civil Rights

Was Truman influence by moral, public opinion, national interests, or political advice to address Civil Rights issues?

Justice at Nuremberg

Was justice served as a result of the Nuremberg Trials?

Recognition of Israel

Based on primary source documents, would you have recognized Israel as a new country in 1948?

2016 Lessons

Challenge of International Aid

Examining the Point 4 Program as an example, why is providing International Aid harder than it sounds?

Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb

If you were President Truman in 1945, would you have dropped the bomb?

Election of 1948

Was Truman successful in 1948 due to his campaign strategy, the failure of his opposition, or public support for his actions of 1948?

Marshall Plan and the Cold War

Did the Marshall Plan make the Cold War colder?

Truman’s Loyalty Program

Do Cold War fears during the Truman Administration justify the institution of the government Employee Loyalty Program in a democratic society?

United Nations in Korea

Who was really in charge of the Korean Conflict: the United Nations or the United States?

2017 Lessons

The Blockade of Berlin

Was the Berlin Airlift the best option to address the Berlin Blockade, or would a different option have better served the USA’s interests?

Dear Bess

What is Truman’s tone when he writes to Bess about major world events compared to the tone used in classified and unclassified documents?

The Firing of MacArthur

If you were Truman in 1951, would you have fired General MacArthur?

Immigration in Post-War America

Did the benefits of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 outweigh the costs for the American people?

Steel Strike of 1952

Did Truman overstep his Constitutional powers in seizing the steel industries in 1952?

2018 Lessons

Challenge of National Healthcare

What led to Truman’s failure to pass a healthcare bill during his presidency?

The House Un-American Activities Committee

What is more important — national security or personal freedom?

Invasion of Manchuria

How was the Soviet invasion of Manchuria an influence for the use of atomic weapons?

Japanese-American Internment

Can a major wrong ever be righted?

Presidential Leadership

How does a president’s leadership style shape the government?