Harry S. Truman Presidential Library & Museum

  Log of President Truman's [Seventh] Trip to Key West, Florida
November 28-December 29, 1949  (76 pages)


Group photo of the President's traveling party captioned: "The party has increased in number."

Summary:   President Truman went on an extended vacation to Key West in late 1949, this time accompanied by the First Lady and Margaret, who visited Key West for the second time. Margaret was an avid volleyball player, gathering teams and playing every day she was there, winning 65% of her games. The First Lady usually remained behind at the Little White House. Members of the Florida State Lodge Masons visited the President and inducted him as an honorary life member and Past Grand Master of their Lodge. The same day, a contingent of Miami Shriners visited and made him an honorary life member of their organization. While on the Submarine Base, the President also presented diplomas to graduates of the Fleet Sonar School.

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