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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Friday, June 6, 1952
11:40 am The President left for the National Airport.
12:00 pm The USAF INDEPENDENCE departed for Missouri.
2:00 pm Arrived at Grandview and dropped off Mrs. Truman and Mrs.
Wallace. The President then inspected the Airport at Grandview.
2:30 pm The USAF INDEPENDENCE departed for Springfield, Missouri
3:15 pm C.S.T. Arrived in Springfield, Missouri.

Members of the party

The President

Hon. Matthew J. Connelly,
Secretary to the President.
Hon. Joseph Short,
Secretary to the President.
Mrs. Short.
Admiral Robert L. Dennison,
Naval Aide to the President.
Major General Robert B. Landry,
Air Force Aide to the President.
Major General Wallace H. Graham,
Physician to the President.
Mr. Donald S. Dawson,
Administrative Assistant.
Mr. Jack Romagna,
Official Stenographer.
Secret Service Agents
Major General Harry H. Vaughan,
Army Aide to the President
will join party in Springfield.
  Lv. MATS Terminal Washington....11:30 a.m. edt.
  (American Airlines DC-6)
  Ar. Springfield, Mo.............1:30 p.m. cst. aprox.
  Members of the party
  Mr. Robert H. Nixon International News Service
  Mr. Merriman Smith United Press Association
  Mr. Ernest B. Vaccaro The Associated Press
  Mr. Joseph A. Fox The Washington Star
  Mr. Anthony H. Leviero The New York Times
  Mr. Jack Doherty The New York Daily News
  Mr. Robert Ruth The Baltimore Sun
  Mr. Robert H. Donovan The New York Herald Tribune
  Mr. Jack Beal Time-LIfe Magazine
  Mr. Laurence H. Burd The Chicago Tribune
  Mr. Bryson Rash American Broadcasting Co.
  Mr. William Costell Columbia Broadcasting System
  Mr. Ray Scherer National Broadcasting Co.
  Mr. Hollis Seavey Mutual Broadcasting System (return)
  Mr. B. H. Rollins Associated Press Photos
  Mr. Milton Freier United Press Photos
  Mr. George Skadding Life Magazine
  Mr. Al Muto International News Pictures (return)
  Mr. Peter Harris INP Chicago (cover Springfield only)
  Mr. Alfred W. Simonson N.B.C. Television
  Mr. John Hofen N.B.C. Television
  Mr. James Lyons Universal Newsreel (pool)
  Mr. Albert Schuster Universal (pool-sound)
  Mr. Carroll S. Linkins Western Union (return)
    Mr. Dewey Long
  Mr. H. B. Colvin
  Mr. Robert A. Duffy
  Mr. Harry Charnley
  Post Office Inspector,
  Marlin Brown
  Secret Service Agents:
  Mr. Carl Dickson Mr. Robert J. Newbrand
  Mr. Gerald A. Behn Mr. Donald L. Nelson
  Mr. John E. Campion Mr. John R. Ladas
  Mr. Carroll L. Honess Mr. Carroll S. Pierce
  Mr. Rex W. Scouten Mr. Jack C. Nielsen
  Mr. Floyd M. Boring Mr. Arthur L. Godfrey
  Mr. Gerard B. McCann Mr. John R. Sibert
  Mr. Robert H. Taylor Mr. Leo Hobbs
  Mr. Adolph M. Downing Mr. Walter Young
  Mr. D. B. Flohr Mr. Reginald Hollenbeck
  American Airlines crew:
  Captain Loyal T. Penn
  1st Officer John P. Jastrab
  Engineer John P. Harris
  Stewardess Pauline J. Kanable
  Stewardess Abbie M. Anderson
  Mr. Herbert D. Ford American Airlines
  Mr. Don Campbell American Airlines
  Mr. Frank Burton American Airlines
  USAF Independence crew:
  Colonel F. W. Williams Commander
  Major Silas Minton Pilot
  Captain E. P. Christensen Navigator
  Mr. Eugene Lucas Engineer
  M/Sgt. Fred J. Willard Engineer
  M/Sgt. Frederick A. Winslow Engineer
  M/Sgt. Gaylor E. Robinson Radio
  M/Sgt. Robert E. Hughes Steward
  Four guards
4:00 pm Motored to the Colonial Hotel.
5:30 pm The President attended a reception given by Mr. Lester Cox
for the Chairmen of the various committees and their wives.
7:00 pm The President had dinner privately with Mr. Vivian Truman,
Miss Mary Jane Truman, etc.
8:35 pm The President departed for the Shrine Mosque to attend a reception.
9:00 pm The President witnessed a Presidential Ball of the 35th Division.
He also presented prizes to the square dance winners.

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Truman and Others at 35th Division Reunion

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