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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Friday, June 27, 1952
9:55 am (Brig. General Hunter Harris)
(Came in to meet the President, he had charge of the
President's flight to Arkansas, in the absence of
General Robert Landry) OFF THE RECORD
10:00 am (Staff)
10:45 am (General W. Bedell Smith, Director, Central Intelligence Agency)
(Honorable James Lay, Executive Secretary, National Security
10:55 am (Honorable Donald Dawson)
(Mr. Alexander Budge) OFF THE RECORD
11:00 am Cabinet [Meeting] [minutes]
(Mr. Bruce for State; Mr. Galvin for Labor; Commerce,
W. Averell Harriman and John R. Steelman absent)
11:55 am (Dr. Howard Rusk) OFF THE RECORD
12:00 pm The President received Members of the Board of the International
Federation of Business and Professional Women
(Arranged by Division of Protocol at request of National
Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Inc.
Dame Caroline Haslett, D.B.E., of London, President of the
International Federation of Business and Professional Women,
accompanied by 67 women from 19 countries, in this country
for this Board Meeting, spent the day in Washington. After
being received by the President they lunched in Senate
Dining Room with Senator Margaret Chase Smith and the
women members of the Congress.)
Ahern, Mrs. Allie, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Alstrup, Miss Elsa, Copenhagen, Denmark
Andrew, Mrs. Astrid, Stockholm, Sweden
Balslav, Miss Karen Marorethe, Copenhagen, Denmark
Belstrows, Mrs. Silvia, Havana, Cuba
Beveridger, Mrs. M. M., Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland
Burton, Mrs. Maude E., Hove, England
Cary, Mrs. Anne M., Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia
Coleingh, Dr. C., The Hague, Holland
Dekker, Miss A. J. N., The Hague, Holland
Demme, Dr. Isle, Saalfelder, Strasse 7, Germany
Eckhoff, Mrs. Randi, Oslo, Norway
Elsdorff-Monberg, Mrs. Elizabeth, Copenhagen, Denmark
Faulkner, Miss Marjorie E., West Byfleet, Surrey, England
Frohwein, Miss Corrie, Arnhem, Holland
Forselles, Mrs. Signe af, Helsingfors, Finland
Gillot, Marguerite, France
Gladstone, Miss Belle, Perth, Australia
Greiner, Miss Trudi, Berne, Switzerland
Hastings, Miss Olive, London, England
Haslett, D.B.E., Dame Caroline, London, S.W. 1, England
Heneker, LL.B., Miss Dorothy, Worthing, Sussex, England
Hesson, Miss Hilda, Winnipeg, Canada
Hoyer, Mrs. Amelie, Stockholm, Sweden
Hyndman, Q. C., Miss Margaret P., Toronto, Canada
Korkki, Miss Susanne, Finland
Lanen, Miss M. S. L., Rotterdam, Holland
Liljegren, Mrs. Marta, Stockholm, Sweden
Male, Mrs. Rachel, Helsinki, Finland
May, Fran Maria, Elbehausse 352, Germany
Messenger, Mrs. Rosalind, Suffolk, England
Mowbray, Miss Leslie, London, England
Murray, Miss Marjory A., Harrow, Middlesex, England
Ohlstrom, Mrs. Adele, Helsinki, Finland
Ostling, Miss Ida Brita, Gavle, Sweden
Parkinson, Miss Eileen, Southampton, England
Paronen, Miss Elsa, Helsinki, Finland
Peraza, Dr. Gilda, Havana, Cuba
Phillips-Marder, Nottingham, England
Ramsay, Miss Susan, Kirkoaldy, Fife, Scotland
Rasmus, Miss Synnove, Storalanggatan 14, Finland
Redlich, Dr. Carola, Vienna, Austria
Rosanove, Mrs. Joan, Melbourne, Australia
Scheel, Mrs. Eva, Stuttgart, Germany
Schier, Mrs. Britta, Helsinki, Finland
Silander, Miss Aino, Turko, Finland
Siltanen, Miss Anna, Asuntola, Finland
Simonen, Mrs. Elvi, Jarvanpaa, Finland
Simonen, Mis Ilmi, Jarvanpaa, Finland
Smart, Miss Doris, London, England
Sorsimo-Tapanainen, Miss Elli, Kenluk 12, Finland
Soudan, Dr. Yvonne, Brussels, Belgium
Suninen, Mrs. Hilma, Rentinichent 7, Suoni, Finland
Taylor, Mrs. Audrey, London, England
Taylor, Mrs. Isabelle C., Philadelphia, Pa.
Terry, Mrs. Gladys Elizabeth, Pieternaritabourg, South Africa
Tiers, Mme. Susanne, Paris, France
Thompson, Mrs. M. S., London, England
Tomlinson, Miss Ruth, Leicester, England
Underwood, Miss Doris, Washington, D.C.
Van Gorp, Mrs. Paula, Antwerp, Belgium
Voipic-Juvas, Mrs. Anni, Helsinki, Finland
Wibek, Miss Agnes, Copenhagen, Denmark
12:20 pm [Public Papers: Remarks to Members of the Board of the International Federation of Business and Professional Women]
12:30 pm Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt
(Asked for this to report on current session of UN Commission
on Human Rights)
1:00 pm (LUNCH)
3:00 pm (Honorable Jack Gorrie, Chairman, N.S.R.B.)
(Mr. Joseph Short accompanied and arranged appointment.)
3:15 pm Honorable Gordon Dean, Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission
Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer, Chairman of General Advisory Committee,
Atomic Energy Commission
(Arranged at request of Honorable Gordon Dean)
3:30 pm The President presented the Congressional Medal of Honor to
Corporal Ronald E. Rosser, USA and Corporal Jerry K. Crump, USA.
The following were present:
Congressional Guests:
Senator Clyde R. Hoey, North Carolina
Senator and Mrs. Willis Smith, of North Carolina
Representative Woodrow W. Jones, North Carolina
Mrs. Spessard Holland, wife of Senator Holland of Florida
Defense Department Officials:
Hon. Robert A. Lovett, Secretary of Defense
General Omar N. Bradley, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
Hon. Karl R. Bendetsen, Under Secretary of the Army
Hon. Earl D. Johnson, Asst. Secretary of the Army
Hon. Fred Korth, Asst. Secretary of the Army
General John E. Hull, Vice Chief of Staff of the Army
Lt. Gen. Charles L. Bolte, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Army
Lt. General Maxwell D. Taylor, Deputy Chief of Staff USA
Colonel E. A. Williams, Army Headquarters Commandant
Captain John McCarthy, escort
Captain Richard Van. Buskirk, escort
Captain C. K. Blum, escort
1st Lt. Martin T. Talsma, escort
2st Lt. Henry M. Taylor, escort
Colonel John C. Oakes
Colonel R. P. Carlson
Lt. Colonel Buie Hess
Recipients and their Guests:
Corporal Ronald E. Rosser
Mrs. Grace May Rosser, wife
Master Larry Holmes, stepson
Mr. John M. Rosser, father
Mrs. Edith M. Rosser, mother
Miss Joanna Rosser, sister
Mr. John Rosser, Jr., brother
Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Riffle
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Saunders
Mrs. Evelyn McLean
Mr. Gerald McLean
Mrs. Eleanor Starner
Mr. Lawrence Starner
Mrs. Rhea Cable
Mr. Clifford Cable
Miss Shirley Rosser
Miss Sandra Rosser
Corporal Jerry K. Crump (recipient)
Mr. Harvey Lee Crump (father)
Mrs. Virginia Phyne [Rhyne] Crump (mother)
Mr. Harry D. Crump (brother)
Master Boyd R. Crump (brother)
Mr. Edward Anderson
Miss Judith Rosser
Miss Diana Rosser
Mr. Larry Rosser
Mr. Garry Rossser
Mr. William Rosser
Mr. Roger Rosser.
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hess
Mr. Homer Hoff
4:00 pm Honorable Thomas K. Finletter, Secretary of the Air Force
(Called Mr. Matthew Connelly and asked if he might see the President
very briefly.)

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