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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Thursday, June 26, 1952
    [Public Papers: Statement by the President on the Need for Deferring the Drafting of Certain Apprentices and Farm Laborers]
    [Public Papers: Letter to the Director, Office of Defense Mobilization, Approving a Manpower Policy for Agricultural Labor]
    [Public Papers: Letter to the Director, Selective Service System, on Deferment of Farm Workers]
9:45 am Honorable Clyde B. Aitchison, Interstate Commerce Commission
(Is retiring, and asked if might call and say "goodbye"
10:00 am (Staff)
11:00 am Senator Harley M. Kilgore, West Virginia
(Called Mr. Connelly last week to ask for this)
11:15 am Honorable J. Monroe Johnson, Interstate Commerce Commission
(Called Mr. Connelly last week to ask for this)
11:30 am Congressman Mike Mansfield, Montana
(Called Mr. Connelly Monday and asked for this)
11:45 am Congressman Jack Z. Anderson, California
Congressman Franck R. Havenner, California
Congressman George P. Miller, California
(Congressman Havenner asked if they might come in and
talk to the President about San Francisco Bay Bridge.
Congressman Anderson is to stay a few minutes afterwards
to talk about Catalogue Supply Bill.)
12:00 pm The President received Members of National Y.M.C.A. Youth
and Government Assembly
(This group composed of High School students, most of
them officers in Y.M.C.A. Youth and Government Program;
They elect model State Legislatures, Governors, Speakers,
etc. Are here to watch these officers of National
Government work things out. The President has received
in past years. Not connected with yesterday's group,
who were all University students.
The following were present:
Sen. Robert C. Hendrickson, New Jersey, Co-Chairman
Washington Advisory Committee
Rep. Richard Bolling, Missouri, Co-Chairman Washington
Advisory Committee
Adams, Tom, Kirkwood, Missouri
Anderson, Martha, New York, New York
Andrews, James, Atlantic City, New Jersey
Angle, Sylvia, Vineland, New Jersey
Apperson, Ronald, Monterery Park, California
Appleton, John G., Boston, Massachusetts
Aubrey, G. O., New York, New York
Barcomb, Jeanne Anne, Rochester, New Hampshire
Barton, Kenneth W., Torrington, Connecticut
Bogert, Sue, Westwood, New Jersey
Bohnn, Jules Jr., Wichita Falls, Texas
Boone, Sylvia, Mount Vernon, New York
Booty, Von Dean, Lawton, Oklahoma
Borek, John B., Topeka, Kansas
Burkhart, John, New York, New York
Charles, Robert, Phoenix, Arizona
Clarkson, Robert, Grand Rapids, Minnesota
Clowers, Max, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Colcord, J. Dudley, Sunapee, New Hampshire
Corwin, George B., New York, New York
Crabtree, James, Emporia, Kansas
Crockwell, Gerald, Portland, Oregon
Daniell, Susan, Millinocket, Maine
DeYoung, Clarence M., Omaha, Nebraska
Dillner, Otto, Maywood, Illinois
Dobler, William, Everett, Washington
Delover, Peter, New Jersey
Donovan, James, Springfield, Massachusetts
Duff, J. Ben, Indianapolis, Indiana
Eberle, Dennis, Joplin, Missouri
Edwards, Marvin, Chandler, Arizona
Eismont, James F., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Ellis, Robert Earl, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Everett, Sherman, Springfield, Oregon
Fabian, Monroe H., Hellertown, Pennsylvania
Farabee, Ray, Wichita Falls, Texas
Flom, Floyd O., St. Paul, Minnesota
Fowler, Glenn, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Fontaine, Constance, Staten Island, New York
Frazer, Bernard A., Warren, Arkansas
Frers, Robert, New York, New York
Garrison, Charles H., Emporia, Kansas
Gay, George C., Topeka, Kansas
Geissal, Philip, Missouri
Goncharoff, Nicholas T., New York, New York
Gornall, John Murray, Cumberland, Maryland
Grubb, Edward L., Wenatchee, Washington
Gundel, Walter D., Missillon, Ohio
Guthrie, Major Richard, Arlington, Virginia
Hafer, Mary Anne, Cumberland, Maryland
Haller, William Lee, Ironton, Ohio
Harrison, Henriette, New York, New York
Harvey, Deborah, Newtonville, Massachusetts
Hattery, Dr. L. H., Washington, D.C.
Hayes, J.E., Hutchinson, Kansas
Held, Prof. Walter, Washington, D.C.
Helme, Glenn Harold, Rushville, Indiana
Hendricks, Mason M., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Hersh, Prof. Charles, Washington, D.C.
Higgens, Charles, Bordentown, New Jersey
Hildebrand, Nancy Porter, Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Hippen, Prof. John, Washington, D.C.
Hixson, Leroy E., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Hixson, Mrs. Leroy E., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Hogan, William E., Dallas, Texas
Horstman, Florence, New York, New York
Humes, Glenn K., Woodbury, New Jersey
Hunter, Jack, Baltimore, Maryland
Jackson, Fred Philip, Center Moreland, Pennsylvania
Jackson, William H., Florence, Kansas
Jacobs, Robert, Phoenix, Arizona
James, Carroll S. Jr., Hagerstown, Maryland
Johnson, Ben E., Owensville, Indiana
Johnson, Nick, Iowa City, Iowa
Kemper, Willis G., Washington, D.C.
Lama, John, Detroit, Michigan
LaPorta, Edward, Torrington, Connecticut
Lawrence, Robert W., Portland, Oregon
Ledlie, John A., New York, New York
Less, John, Detroit, Michigan
Lewis, Mike, Cleveland, Ohio
Lewis, Ralph L., Cumberland, Maryland
Lynch, Frank T., Teaneck, New Jersey
Mathot, Eugene F., Winona, Minnesota
McGeath, Emily, Middleboro, Massachusetts
McKittrick, Thomas Lamar, Houston, Texas
Merritt, Alan F., East Greenwich, Rhode Island
Miller, Gene, Kokomo, Indiana
Montgomery, Tom, Oregon
Moore, Harold A., Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Moritz, Paul W., New York, New York
Moser, Clarence G., Newark, New Jersey
Mull, Anna Mae, Streator, Illinois
Myer, Luann, Indianapolis, Indiana
Myers, Randolph E., Washington, D.C.
Nelson, Jerry, Pittsburg, Kansas
Newton, Donald P., Dallas, Texas
Newton, Mrs. Donald P., Dallas, Texas
Newton, Dick, Dallas, Texas
Nicklaus, Ted Maurice, Amarillo, Texas
Norquist, Robert, Portland, Oregon
Oberg, William, Millinocket, Maine
Orio, Carl, Durham, Connecticut
Osten, Donald, Washington, D.C.
Patterson, S. John, Syracuse, New York
Perkins, Eileen, Middleboro, Massachusetts
Porter, Judy, Martinsburg, West Virginia
Potter, Robert A., West Hartford, Connecticut
Ray, Tom, Manistee, Michigan
Reilly, Wayne G., Floral Park, New York
Roberts, Mrs. E. A., Flushing, New York
Rodgers, Theodore S., Short Hills, New Jersey
Rook, Joseph, Washington, D.C.
Sagen, Bradley, Waukegan, Illinois
Sanders, Shirley Fay, Columbus, Georgia
Scales, Richard H., Grosse Pointe, Michigan
Scoggins, Michael, Grand Island, Nebraska
Scott, Rhoda, Paulsboro, New Jersey
Scott, Winfield Allen, Paulsboro, New Jersey
Shinn, Howard M., New York, New York
Simmons, Donald, Muskogee, Oklahoma
Sims, Neil, Douglas, Georgia
Sly, John P., Princeton, New Jersey
Sly, Mrs. John F., Princeton, New Jersey
Smith, Donna Mae, Verona, New Jersey
Spear, Margaret Ann, Puyallup, Washington
Starks, John, Purdy, Virginia
Stewart, Hugh, Amsterdam, New York
Sunnarborg, Earl, Cloquet, Minnesota
Swain, Eleanor, Marietta, Georgia
Thomas, Kay, San Mateo, California
Towle, Patricia, Durham, New Hampshire
Towler, Betsey Scott, Elkins, West Virginia
Viley, Joseph, Fort Worth, Texas
Walch, Victor L., LaGrande, Oregon
Waters, William M., Jr., Atlantic City, New Jersey
Weaver, Frank, New York, New York
Wilkerson, Michael, Lawton, Oklahoma
Wilkinson, Paul A., Whiting, Indiana
Williams, Donald Ray, Lawton, Oklahoma
Williams, James M., Columbus, Ohio
Wilson, Dean Frank, Washington, D.C.
Witmer, Larry, Elmont, New York
Wrighter, A.W., Griffin, Georgia

Overseas Delegates-
Geismar, Hans, Bad Schwalbach, Germany; guest of U.S.
State Dept. and Nat. Social Welfare Assembly
Hauck, Arnold, Kulmbach, Germany; guest of U.S. State
Dept. and Nat. Social Welfare Assembly
Meid, Heinrich, Duesseldorf, Germany; guest of U.S. State
Dept. and Nat. Social Welfare Assembly
Roessel, Alexander, Washington, D.C. interpreter
Sakai, Michio, Tokyo, Japan; guest of National Board
of Y.M.C.A.'s

Boy Governor of Georgia, Milton Jones
Boy Lieutenant Governor of Georgia, D. Lurton Masse
12:05 pm [Public Papers: Remarks to the Members of the National YMCA and Government Assembly]
12:15 pm Honorable David Edelstein, U. S. Judge, Southern District
of New York, and family
(Asked if could bring his family in to meet the President)
12:30 pm Honorable David Bruce, the Under Secretary of State
(Usual Thursday appointment for State)
1:00 pm (LUNCH)
3:00 pm Honorable William McC. Marting, Chairman, Board of Governors,
Federal Reserve System
(Called Mr. Connelly last week to ask for this)
4:15 pm (Russ Stewart)

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