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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Wednesday, June 18, 1952
10:00 am (Staff)
10:45 am (Mrs. Don McKellar and daughter and niece, Donna McKellar
and Nancy Tuchfeld) OFF THE RECORD
(Widow of Don McKellar, the Senator's brother. Saw White
House and then came over to shake hands with the President
Off Record.)
11:00 am The President received a delegation from the Legislative Institute
of the Utility Workers Union of America, CIO:
Mr. William J. Pachler
Mr. Joseph A. Fisher
Mr. Patrick McGrath
Mr. Andrew J. McMahon
Mr. Garland Sanders
Mr. Gus Lechak
Mr. George McSweeney
Mr. Harold J. Straub
Mr. Edward Marsine
(In 1948 their Convention was one of the first of Unions in
country to endorse and work for reelection of the President,
and at that time a delegation called on the President and
presented their endorsement; as were meeting again in Washington,
asked if delegation might pay respects on behalf of Union.)
11:15 am Dr. George M. Arrowsmith
(Said the President told him on way back from Springfield that
he would see him.)
11:30 am Commander Paul Ginsberg, Jewish War Veterans
(Wrote Mr. Connelly stating had some vital problems to discuss
with the President, as well as forthcoming National Convention
of Jewish War Veterans.)
11:45 am (Mrs. William Sparrow, with son Bill and daughter Sue) OFF RECORD
(The President wrote her to come by sometime. Came to see
Mr. Connelly and saw the President Off Record. Moving to
Baltimore, where husband has preceded her. Mr. Sparrow did not
12:00 pm Honorable Joseph C. Green, American Minister to the Hashemite
Kingdom of Jordan
(Newly appointed; asked, through Protocol, to pay respects to the
President before leaving for post.)
12:15 pm Mrs. Aung San
His Excellency James Barrington, the Ambassador of Burma
(Mrs. Aung San is widow of national hero of Burma, Bodyoke Aung
San and is in U.S. as recipient of a Public Law 402 Leader-
Specialist Grant. State Department says she is probably most
12:30 pm Honorable Ellis O. Briggs, American Ambassador to Czechoslovakia
(Asked for this through Protocol.)
12:45 pm The President received the Members of the Eighth Annual Institute
on the Preservation and Administration of Archives
(Requested by Department of Political Science and Public
Administration of American University. These professional
archivists, representing universities, government archives,
and religious archives in the United States and Canada, will
study archival administration in program offered by the
American University in cooperation with the Library of
Congress, the National Archives and Records Services, and the
Maryland Hall of Records.)

The following will meet with the President:

ALDERSON, William T., Archivist, Tennessee, State Archives, Nashville, Tenn.
BAHMER, Robert H., Assistant, Archivist of the United States
BAKER, Sister M. Kostka, Instructor, Sisters of St. Joseph, Mt. Gallitzin,
Baden, Pennsylvania
BINSFIELD, Edmund L. Rev., Librarian, St. Charles Seminary, Carthagena, Ohio
CHATFIELD, Helen L., Adjunct Professor of Public Administration, The
American University, and Record Officer, Bureau of the Budget, Executive
Office of the President
DAVIS, Sarah Marie, Library Assistant, Burton Historical Collection, Detroit
Public Library, Detroit, Michigan
EAGER, Evelyn Lucille, Assistant Provincial Archivist, Saskatchewan,
Archives Board, Saskatoon, Sask.
ECKERT, Leone Wooden, Assistant College Librarian, Industrial and Labor
Relations School, Cornell University, Itheca, New York
FLUCKE, Archie Frederick, Provincial Archives of British Columbia,
Victoria, Canada
HABER, Francis C., Assistant Librarian, Maryland Historical Society,
Baltimore, Maryland
HEAPS, Sister M. Consuelo, Sisters of St. Joseph, Mt. Gallitzin, Baden, Pa.
HILL, Olney Walton, Director of Public Records, State of Vermont,
Montpelier, Vermont
LAMIRANDE, Rev. Emilien, Archivist, Archives Deschatelets, Scolastical
Saint-Joseph, Ottawa, Canada
LAPENSEE, Rev. John, Provincial Archivist, Oblate of Mary Immaculate,
Montreal, Canada
LILJEQUIST, Orval O., Librarian, Milwaukee Public Library, Milwaukee, Wis.
McINTOSH, Mary L., U.S. Government, Washington, District of Columbia
MEARNS, David C., Chief, Manuscripts Division, Library of Congress
PITNER, Joseph V., Archives Assistant, Departmental Records
Branch, AGO, Department of the Army, Alexandria, Virginia
POSNER, Ernst, Director, School of Social Sciences and Public Affairs, The
American University, and Director of the Institute
POSNER, Katherina M., wife of the Director of the Institute
RADOFF, Morris L., Archivist, Maryland Hall of Records, Annapolis, Maryland
RENZE, Dolores C., State Archivist of Colorado, Denver, Colorado
ROBERTS, Jane H., Secretary of the School of Social Sciences and Public
Affairs, The American University
SANTEN, Vernon B., Sr. State Archivist, New York State Executive
Department, Division of the Budget, Albany, New York
SECKLER-HUDSON, Catheryn, Chairman, Department of Political Science
and Public Administration, School of Social Sciences and Public Affairs,
The American University
SIMONETTI, Martha L., Research Assistant, Division of Public Records, Pa.,
Historical and Museum Commission, Harrisburg, Pa.
SPENCER, Flora, Secretary of the Institute
STEPHENSON, Dorothea, Associate Archivist, New York State Education
Dept., Albany, New York
STEPHENSON, Jean, Washington, District of Columbia
TIPPY, W. Marion, Rev. Archivist, DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana
12:50 pm [Public Papers: Remarks to Members of the Eighth Annual Institute on the Preservation and Administration of Archives]
1:00 pm (LUNCH)
3:00 pm (Mr. Max Lowenthal) OFF THE RECORD
(Lower West Door.)
3:30 pm (National Security Council) OFF THE RECORD

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