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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Saturday, June 14, 1952
2:00 am Lv. Washington...(Pennsylvania RR)
  Members of the party
  The President
  Hon. Matthew J. Connelly,
  Secretary to the President.
  Hon. Joseph H. Short,
  Secretary to the President.
  Major General Harry H. Vaughan,
  Army Aide to the President.
  Rear Admiral Robert L. Dennison,
  Naval Aide to the President.
  Major General Robert B. Landry,
  Air Force Aide to the President.
  Mr. Roger W. Tubby,
  Assistant Press Secretary.
  Commander H.D. Warde, (MC) USN.
  Mr. Jack Romagna.
  Commander William Rigdon, USN.
  Mr. Dewey Long.
  Major George McNally, USAR.
  Mr. H. B. Colvin.
  Mr. Robert A. Duffy
  Mr. Harry Charnley.
  Captain Eric Savage, USAR.
  Lt. Dean R. Woodward, USA.
  Secret Service Agents.
  Mr. Merriman Smith United Press Assocation
  Mr. Ernest B. Vaccaro The Associated Press
  Mr. Robert G. Nixon International News Service
  Mr. Joseph A. Fox The Washington Star
  Mr. Anthony H. Leviero The New York Times
  Mr. Lloyd Norman The Chicago Tribune
  Mr. Jack Doherty The New York Daily News
  Mr. James E. Warner The New York Herald Tribune
  Mr. Robert Ruth The Baltimore Sun
  Mr. William Henry The Los Angeles Times
  Mr. Clay Blair, Jr. Time-Life Magazine
  Mr. Ray Scherer National Broadcasting Co.
  Mr. Lewis W. Shollenberger Columbia Broadcasting System
  Mr. Bryson Rash American Broadcasting Co.
  Mr. Byron H. Rollins Associated Press Photos
  Mr. Stanely Tretick United Press Photos
  Mr. Maurice Johnson International News Photos
  Mr. William Richards Fox Movietone News (Newsreel pool)
  Mr. Irving Heitzner N. B. C. Television
  Mr. John Strong Mutual (engineer-return)
  Mr. William Luce United Press (join at Penn. Station, N.Y.)
  Mr. Harry Karr Pennsylvania Railroad
  Mr. Edgar W. Hyatt Pennsylvania Railroad
  Mr. P. C. Darcey The Pullman Company
4:20 am Pass Brill
4:27 am Ar. Philadelphia, 30th Street Station
Change engine crews
4:31 am Lv. Philadelphia, 30th Street Station
4:50 am Pass Holmes
6:15 am Ar. Pennsylvania Station, New York
Turn over to New Haven crew and operating
Pick up William Luce of United Press
6:30 am Lv. Pennsylvania Station, New York, NYNH&H RR
8:15 am Ar. New Haven, Conn.
Lay point at New Haven will be on Track 10.
This point was selected as most desirable location
off the main line and away from traffic.
9:41 am Lv. New Haven, Conn.
10:35 am Ar. New London (Railroad Station)

Brief stop at New London station to permit radio,
newsreel and TV crews leave train and ferry across
to Electric Boat docks and set up equipment.
11:30 am Ar. Electric Boat yard, South Gate

After party detrains train will be moved out
immediately and switched to Submarine Base and
held until released. Movement from South gate,
Electric Boat yard will include turing of

The President
Mr. Matthew Connelly
Mr. Joseph Short
General Harry Vaughan
Admiral Robert Dennison
General Robert Landry
Commander Warden
Commander William Rigdon
Mr. Roger Tubby
Mr. Jack Romagna
Mr. Rowly
Mr. Nicholson
Agents in charge of each shift.
12:00 pm [Public Papers: Address in Groton, Conn., at the Keel Laying of the first Atomic Energy Submarine]
2:32 pm [Public Papers: Remarks at a Luncheon at the Officers' Club, U.S. Submarine Base, New London, Connecticut]

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Crowd at Keel Laying of U.S.S. Nautilus

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