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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Friday, June 13, 1952
    [Public Papers: Letter to Mrs. Elizabeth Cochrane on the Need for Increasing Social Security Benefits]
9:30 am (Honorable Frank Pace, the Secretary of the Army) OFF THE RECORD
9:45 am (Honorable Samuel I. Rosenman) OFF THE RECORD
10:00 am (Staff)
10:30 am (Mrs. Alvin Baer, of Kansas City, with her daughter)
(Adele and Julie Baer, and parents,
(Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Lipman)
(Friends of Eddie Jacobson, who wrote Mr. Matthew Connelly and asked
if they might shake hands; saw the White House first.)
10:45 am (General W. Bedell Smith, Director, C.I.A.)
(Honorable James Lay, Executive Secretary, National Security Council)
11:00 am Cabinet [Meeting] [minutes]
(Foley for Treasury; Robert Lovett not Certain, and was to be
represented by Mr. Foster if couldn't come; Mr. W. Averell Harriman
absent; all others present.)
12:00 pm His Excellency Dr. J. H. van Roijen, Ambassador of the Netherlands
His Excellency Baron Michiels Van Kessenich, Mayor of Maastricht
(Asked for this through Protocol; Maastricht was liberated
by American Forces in World War II.)
12:15 pm (Mr. George L. Wageley, of Jefferson City, Missouri)
(Mrs. Nancy Garrett, daughter of Mr. Wageley) OFF THE RECORD
(Came to see Mr. Matthew Connelly and shook hands with the President
Off Record. Both Dick Nacy and Jim Blair wired Mr. Matthew Connelly
to ask for this, stating he was fine Democrat and old supporter
of the President, and has considerable influence in Labor
12:30 pm Mrs. India Edwards
(Called Mr. Matthew Connelly last week and asked for this.)
12:45 pm Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Sheean and daughters
(Mr. Joseph Short)
(Mr. Sheean wrote Mr. Hassett that he was coming through here
enroute to Monticello, where he is gathering material for short
book for children he is doing on Thomas Jefferson. Hoped the
President might talk to him a bit about Thomas Jefferson.)
1:00 pm (LUNCH)
3:25 pm (Mr. Theodore Marks) OFF THE RECORD
3:30 pm [Public Papers: Remarks to Members of the International Society of Christian Endeavor]
5:30 pm [Public Papers: Commencement Address at Howard University]
  Trip of the President
  Electric Boat Co., Groton,
  and Submarine Base, New London,
10:00 pm Pennsylvania Railroad Special train will be placed
on Track 20, Union Station, Washington

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