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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Tuesday, June 10, 1952
10:00 am (Staff)
10:45 am (Mr. John Nangle, of St. Louis, and family)
(Went through White House and came back to West Wing to
shake hands with the President) OFF THE RECORD
11:00 am Honorable and Mrs. Armwell L. Cooper of Kansas City
Mrs. Robert Searle and daughter Dorothy
(Senator Cooper wrote to the President in May saying
he and his wife were bringing their widowed daughter,
Mrs. Searle, and their granddaughter, East, and hoped
they might see the President while in Washington)
11:15 am Congressman Antonio M. Fernandez, New Mexico
Congressman John J. Dempsey, New Mexico
(Called Mr. Connelly last week and asked for this)
11:30 am Mr. Philip Schiff
Dr. Michael Davis
Dr. Dewey Anderson
(Presented suggestions for social welfare platform in
connection with Democratic National Convention)
11:45 am Honorable G. Mennen Williams, Governor of Michigan
Honorable Prentice Brown, former Senator from Michigan
Senator Blair Moody, Michigan
(The Governor phoned Mr. Connelly last week from Lansing,
to ask for this)
11:55 am General Omar N. Bradley, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
12:00 pm The President received the Medal and Certificate for
Distinguished and Meritorious Service of the Regular
Veterans Association.
("In appreciation of the splendid fight that you have made
against world communism and the integrity and zeal with
which you have conducted the affairs of the government".)
DETTERER, Mr. Henry, Past National Commander, RVA
GERSTENZANG, Mr. Louis C., Chairman, National Hospital
Commission, RVA
GIGLIOTTI, Dr. Frank B., National Commander, RVA
GLASSNER, Mr. Richard, Member of the Judicial Advisory
Commission, RVA
JANELLI, Mr. Arthur Jack, National Director Rehabilitation, RVA
KELLES, Col. James, Member of the National Defense Commission, RVA
12:30 pm [Public Papers: Special message to Congress on the Steel Strike]

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