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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Monday, April 14, 1952
    [Public Papers: Letter to the Secretary of Commerce on Highway Safety]
9:45 am (Mr. Eben Ayers) OFF THE RECORD
10:00 am (Staff)
11:00 am (Honorable W. Averell Harriman) OFF THE RECORD
11:30 am Mr. I. A. Smoot of Salt Lake City, Utah
(Requested to talk re politics and Latter Day Saints Church.)
11:45 am (Honorable Renah Camalier) OFF THE RECORD
12:00 pm H.E. Tage Erlander, the Swedish Prime Minister
Honorable Dean Acheson, the Secretary of State
(In city through April 16th and asked to pay respects to the
President. Arranged through Mr. Simmons of Protocol.)
12:15 pm Honorable Dean Acheson, the Secretary of State
Honorable David K. Bruce, Under Secretary of State
(Usual Monday appointment - asked for this special time as
he wanted to bring in Mr. Pearson at 12:30 today.)
12:30 pm Honorable Dean Acheson, the Secretary of State
The Honorable Lester B. Pearson, Foreign Minister of Canada
The Honorable Lionel Chevrier, Canadian Minister of Transport
H.E. Hume Wrong, the Canadian Ambassador
Honorable Stanley Woodward, United States Ambassador to Canada
1:00 pm (Stag Luncheon at the White House for H.E. Tage Erlander, the
Prime Minister of Sweden. The following guests attended the
The President
The Prime Minister of Sweden
Honorable Alben Barkley, the Vice President
Honorable Fred Vinson, the Chief Justice
Honorable Dean Acheson, the Secretary of State
Honorable Oscar Chapman, the Secretary of the Interior
Honorable Charles Brannan, the Secretary of Agriculture
Honorable Charles Sawyer, the Secretary of Commerce
Senator Theodore Francis Green of Rhode Island
Senator Alexander Wiley of Wisconsin
Congressman Brooks Hays of Arkansas
Honorable George W. Perkins, Asst. Secretary of State
General Harry Vaughan, Military Aide to the President
3:00 pm (Honorable Robert A. Lovett, the Secretary of Defense)
(Joint Chiefs of Staff)
(Secretary Robert Lovett called Mr. Matthew Connelly. Half hour.)
3:30 pm Mr. Josef Zylka, last of Displaced Persons
Mr. Russell Bauer, Information and Editorial Division, DPC
Dr. A. C. Baugher, President, Elizabethtown, Pa. College and
Chairman of the Pennsylvania State Commission
Mr. William S. Bernard, Director, Resettlement Campaign for
Exiled Professionals, International Rescue Committee
Mr. Robert J. Corkery, Frankfurt, Germany, European Coordinator,
Mr. Mitchell M. Duchich, Chicago, President, Serbian National
Defense Council of America
Dr. Walter Gallan, Philadelphia, Executive Director, United
Ukranian American Relief Committee, Inc.
Hon. John W. Gibson, Chairman, Displaced Persons Commission
Jerry Griffin, Washington, D. C., representing Oklahoma Displaced
Persons Commission
Mr. Arthur J. Jazes, Executive Director, DPC
Mr. William F. Laukaitis, Baltimore, Chairman, Maryland Displaced
Persons Commission
Mr. Thomas Leighton, Assistant Director, Information and Editorial
Division, DPC
Mr. George Mardikian, San Francisco, President of the American
National Committee to Aid Homeless Armenians
Mr. E. Tyson Matlack, Chief Accountant, General Foods Corporation,
National Treasurer, American Federation of International Institutes
Mr. James J. McTigue, General Counsel, DPC
Mr. Leo J. Michaloski, Washington, D. C., representing the American
Committee for the Resettlement of Polish Displaced Persons
Mr. Gilbert Nickel, Wilmington, Delaware, Executive Secretary,
Delaware Displaced Persons Committee
Mr. James J. Norris, European Director, War Relief Services,
National Catholic Welfare Conference
Mr. Edward M. O'Connor, Displaced Persons Commissioner
Mr. John Panchuk, Detroit, Chairman, Michigan State Committee on
Displaced Persons
Miss Ann Petluck, New York, Assistant Executive Director, United
Service for New Americans, Inc.
Mr. L. M. Peyovich, Chicago, Secretary, Serbian National Defense
Council of America and Director, Serbian Resettlement Committee
Mr. Arthur B. Rivers, Chairman, South Carolina State Advisory
Committee on Displaced Persons
Mr. Abraham Rockmore, Washington, D. C., Hebrew Immigrant Aid
Mr. Elliott Shirk, Resettlement Director, DPC
Honorable Harry N. Rosenfield, Displaced Persons Commissioner
Mr. Serge Tattykoff, New York, representing Federation of Russian
Charitable Organizations in the United States
Countess Alexandra L. Tolstoy, President, Tolstoy Foundation
Reverend Robert Van Deusen, Washington, Secretary of National
Lutheran Council
Mr. Peter Wagner, Brooklyn, President, United Friends of Needy and
Displaced People of Yugoslavia
Mr. William R. Ward, Trenton, New Jersey, Chairman, New Jersey
Displaced Persons Commission
Dr. Gaither P. Warfield, Secretary, Methodist Committee for
Overseas Relief
Mr. Frederick J. Umhey, New York State Committee, DP
Mrs. Oliver Cope, Massachusetts DP Committee
Rt. Rev. Msgr. Burant, President of the Polish Immigration
Judge Zaleski, Vice President of the Polish Immigration Committee
(Ceremony arranged by Honorable John Gibson. Josef Zylka
is the last of 339,000 DPs. He presented to the President
a silver-plated hand-crafted plaque on which is inscribed
the Declaration of Independence. This ceremony signalizes
the arrival of the last displaced person. Half Hour.
3:40 pm [Public Papers: Remarks to a Group of Displaced Persons]
4:00 pm (Judge Eugene Worley, U. S. Court of Customs and Patent Appeals)
(Judge Joseph R. Jackson, U. S. Court of Customs and Patent Appeals)
(Called Mr. Matthew Connelly and requested this.) OFF THE RECORD
4:40 pm (Mr. David Noyes) OFF THE RECORD
4:45 pm (Dr. John R. Steelman) OFF THE RECORD
5:00 pm The President received a delegation of Ambassadors, representatives
on the Council of Organization of American States on the occasion
of Pan American Day at the White House. The following were
Senor Don Enrique A. Abal, Acting Representative of Argentina
H.E. Dr. Luis O. Boettner, Representative of Paraguay
H.E. Dr. Hector David Castro, Representative of El Salvador
Senor Don Alfredo Chocano, Acting Representative of Guatemala
H.E. M. Joseph L. Dejean, Ambassador, Representative of Haiti
Hon. John C. Dreier, Representative of the U.S. and Chairman of
the Council
H.E. Dr. Luis Fernando Guachalla, Representative of Bolivia
H.E. Dr. Gonzalo Guell, Ambassador, Representative of Cuba
H.E. Senor Roberto Heurtematte, Representative of Panama
H.E. Dr. Alberto Lleras, Secretary General of the Organization
of American States
Senor Don Gabriel Lucio, Acting Representative of Mexico
Honorable Edward Miller, Asst. Secretary of State for Inter-
American Affairs
H.E. Senor Dr. Alfonso Moscoso, Representative of Ecuador
H.E. Felix Nieto Del Rio, Representative of Chile
H.E. Don J. Rafael Oreamuno, Representative of Costa Rica
Senor Dr. Emilio N. Oribe, Acting Representative of Uruguay
Senor Dr. Jorge Mejia Palacio, Acting Representative of Colombia
H.E. Dr. Rene Lepervanche Parparcen, Representative of Venezuela
Mr. George Polas
Senor Dr. Felipe Portocarrero, Acting Representative of Peru
Senor Jayme Azevedo Rodrigues, Acting Representative of Brazil
Senor Dr. Rene Schick, Acting Representative of Nicaragua
H.E. Dr. Luis Francisco Thomen, Representative of the Dominican
H.E. Senor Dr. Rafael Heliodoeo Valle, Representative of Honduras
and Vice Chairman of the Council
5:00 pm [Public Papers: Remarks on Receiving Members of the Council of the Organization of American States]

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