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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Thursday, December 4, 1952
    [Public Papers: Letter to the Administrator, Economic Stabilization Agency, on the New Wage Agreement in the Coal Industry]
9:45 am Senator Kenneth McKellar, of Tennessee
(Called Mr. Connelly yesterday and asked for this.)
10:00 am (Staff)
The following persons, along with regular members, attended
the Staff meeting OFF THE RECORD:
Governor Adlai Stevenson, of Illinois
Honorable Stephen Mitchell, Chairman, Democratic
National Committee
Honorable Dwight Palmer, Finance Director, Democratic
National Committee
Honorable Clayton Fritchey
Honorable Hyman Raskin, Assistant Chairman, Democratict
National Committee
Honorable William Blair, Secretary to Governor Stevenson
11:00 am Honorable Thomas W. O'Hara, Chairman, Motor Carrier Claims Commission
Honorable Ernest Smith, Commissioner
Honorable Thomas D. Phillips, Commissioner
(Chairman O'Hara called Mr. Matthew Connelly from Kansas City, head-
quarters of this Commission, and asked if they might come in
and present their final report.)
11:15 am Honorable William M. Boyle, Jr.
Mr. Tom Williams, Mr. Boyle's son-in-law
11:30 am Congressman Arthur G. Klein, of New York
(Called Mr. Matthew Connelly on Monday and asked for this.)
11:45 am Congressman Clinton D. McKinnon, California
(Called Mr. Matthew Connelly on Monday and asked for this.)
12:00 pm Mr. Demetrius Alekatos, National Commissioner of Hellenic Boy
Scouts Association, Athens, Greece
Mr. Leslie C. Stratton, National Director of Public Relations,
Boy Scouts of America
Mr. Calergis, Counselor, Royal Greek Embassy
Mr. Leonard Elstad, Scout Commissioner of National Capital Area
Council, B.S.A.
Mr. George Legakis, International Commissioner, Hellenic Boy
Scouts Assocation, Athens, Greece
Mr. Leonard Linsenmayer, Former Chairman of Troop Committee of
Boy Scouts of American Troop in Athens
Mr. W. Arthur McKinney, Assistant to Chief Scout Executive,
Boy Scouts of America, New York City
Mr. George Muth, Vice President, National Capital Area Council,
Boy Scouts of America, Washington, D. C.
Mr. Sam Orphan, Greek American member of Battle Creek Area
Council, B.S.A.
Mr. Delmer H. Wilson, Scout Executive, National Capital Area Council
B.S.A., Washington, D. C.
(The Greek Ambassador and Mr. Leslie Stratton asked for this
through Protocol, to present to the President the SILVER
PHOENIX, and piece of Marble from the Hellhenon. This is
gift of Hellenic Boy Scouts of Greece, the SILVER PHOENIX
being their highest distinction.)
12:15 pm Honorable Michael DiSalle
(Called Mr. Matthew Connelly on Monday and asked for this.)
12:28 pm (Honorable Dwight Palmer) OFF THE RECORD
12:30 pm Honorable Dean Acheson, the Secretary of State
(Usual Thursday appointment)
1:00 pm (LUNCH)
3:30 pm (Pre Press)
4:00 pm Press and Radio Conference [Public Papers]
8:00 pm The President held a dinner at the White House for the Members
of his Cabinet, past and present. The following attended:
The President and Mrs. Truman
Miss Margaret Truman
Mrs. Alben W. Barkley
The Chief Justice and Mrs. Fred M. Vinson
The Secretary of State and Mrs. Dean Acheson
Mr. Justice and Mrs. Tom Clark
The Secretary of the Treasury and Mrs. John Snyder
The Secretary of Defense and Mrs. Robert Lovett
The Attorney General and Mrs. James McGranery
The Postmaster General and Mrs. Jesse Donaldson
The Secretary of the Interior and Mrs. Oscar Chapman
The Secretary of Agriculture and Mrs. Charles Brannan
The Secretary of Labor and Mrs. Maurice Tobin
Honorable and Mrs. W. Averell Harriman
Governor Adlai E. Stevenson
The Secretary of the Army and Mrs. Frank Pace
The Secretary of the Navy and Mrs. Dan Kimball
The Secretary of the Air Force and Mrs. Thomas K. Finletter
General of the Army and Mrs. George C. Marshall
Honorable Frances Perkins
Honorable and Mrs. Francis Biddle
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest L. Ives
Honorable and Mrs. Louis A. Johnson
Honorable and Mrs. J. Howard McGrath
Honorable and Mrs. Henry Morgenthau, Jr.
Honorable and Mrs. John L. Sullivan
Honorable and Mrs. W. Stuart Symington
Honorable and Mrs. Frank C. Walker
Honorable and Mrs. Henry A. Wallace
Major General and Mrs. Harry H. Vaughan
Rear Admiral and Mrs. Robert L. Dennison
Major General and Mrs. Wallace H. Graham
Major General and Mrs. Robert B. Landry
Colonel Godfrey T. McHugh
Lieutenant Colonel Ralph E. Zahrobsky

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