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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Friday, April 18, 1952
9:45 am (Honorable Philip Murray) OFF THE RECORD
(Called Mr. Matthew Connelly)
10:00 am Honorable Jack Gorrie, Chairman, National Secruity Resources Board
(Called Mr. Matthew Connelly)
10:15 am (Mrs. Henry Chiles)
(Mrs. James B. Robinson) OFF THE RECORD
(In city this week and wished to pay respects. Came to see
Mr. Matthew Connelly and saw the President OFF RECORD.)
10:30 am Honorable Richard G. Patterson, Jr., American Minister to Switzerland
(Here on consultation and asked through State to see President
before leaving.)
10:45 am Mr. William H. Kittrell
Mr. Harry Seay
Mr. John M. Fouts
(Wrote to Mr. Dawson. They wished to speak with the President
re Dallas Floodway. Mr. Fouts in charge of the Trinity River
organization; Messrs. Kittrell and Seay are members of Dallas
Chamber of Commerce Committee on Federal Relations.)
11:00 am Honorable Philip B. Perlman, Acting Attorney General
(Called Mr. Matthew Connelly)
11:15 am Honorable Frederick Lawton, Director, Bureau of the Budget
(Called Mr. Matthew Connelly. Half hour.)
11:45 am Honorable Charles Brannan, the Secretary of Agriculture
(Called Mr. Connelly)
12:00 pm At the White House in the Red Room:
The Ambassador of the French Republic and Madame Bonnet
(The Ambassador presented to the President an 18th Century
musical clock and 2 candelabra for the White House. These
are gifts from the President of the French Republic. Mr.
David Finley felt these gifts should be placed in the Red
Room and suggested to Mr. Crim that the presentation take place
there. Arrangements made through State. Mrs. Truman also
12:05 pm [Public Papers: Remarks Upon Receiving a Gift for the White House Presented by the french Ambassador]
12:23 pm [Public Papers: Remarks to Members of the Associated Church Press]
12:30 pm The President received a group from the Associated Church Press:
Arline M. Albritten
S. Ruth Barhett
Louis H. Benes
J. I. Bishop
T. C. Braun
Aubrey N. Brown
James S. Brown
Benjamin Browne
G. W. Buckner, Jr. and Mrs. Buckner
Betty Burleigh
R. J. Cadigan
L.L. Carpenter
Mrs. L. L. Carpenter
Mr. L. D. Cartwright
Rachel J. Colvin
Elsie T. Culver
C. R. Dobbins
Raymond L. Edie and Mrs. Edie
R. A. Elfers
Phillips P. Elliott
Paul Erb
R. E. Finney
Mrs. F. A. Fortney
V. E. Foster
Goodrich, A. L.
Ione Gray
Mrs. Gribble
Paul Griffith and Mrs. Griffith
J. C. Gunst
Alfred Hassler
R. H. Heinze
Chester P. Hensley and Mrs. Hensley
J. W. Hoffman
K. J. Holland
Carl L. Howland and Mrs. Howland
R. D. Hughes
H. H. Hunt
Miss E. J. Husted
Edna R. Johnson
Carl G. Karsch
E. Keasling
A. F. Klauser
Mrs. G. Laey
E. H. Lalone
M. L. Leuschner
W. B. Lipphard
A. V. McCracken
E. D. McKune and Mrs. McKune
George Dugan
John B. McNab
Margaret McNab
Juliette Mather
Adolf F. Meyer
P. W. Milhouse
R. Miller
E. W. Modean
K. I. Morse
B. J. Mulder and Mrs. Mulder
Alyce M. Mullen
R. H. Murray
H. L. Phillips
S. L. Pollard
L. D. Reynolds
G. Elson Ruff
E. W. Schramm
Ray Schreiner
Miss Shannon
G. E. Shipler
S. E. Southland
Albert P. Stauserman
F. C. Stifler
William Thompson and Mrs. Thompson
R. G. Torbet
Robert E. Van Deusen
Sturley S. Warren
Miss Alice Welke
Mary E. Whale
I. B. Whale and Mrs. Whale
A. J. Wilson
K. L. Wilson
Theodore Wittrock and Mrs. Wittrock
Richard R. Wood
Alex Toth
(The Associated Church Press was holding its annual meeting
in Washington and asked, through Mr. Joseph Short, to have 60
or 75 editors of Protestant church papers call on the
12:40 pm (Mr. Lewis Barringer)
12:45 pm (General of the Army Omar N. Bradley, Chairman, Joint Chiefs)
1:00 pm (LUNCH)
3:00 pm Honorable Robert Ramspeck
Admiral Ross T. McIntire
Dr. Charl Williams
Mr. Kenneth Bradley (DAV)
Mr. Charles Keefer, Editor of PERFORMANCE Magazine
Also the following essay winners:
Isabel Brewster of Santa Monica, California (winner)
Susan King, Lincoln, Nebraska
Harry Rodney Hartman, Milltown, New Jersey
(Miss King and Harry Hartman tied for 2nd place in contest.)
Billy Jean Fuller, Eckman, West Virginia (4th place)
(Admiral McIntire arranged to bring in this group of Senior
High School Students who were winners of the Annual Essay
Contest held by the President's Committee on National
Employ the Physically Handicapped. The essays were written
on "Why you should employ the handicapped." This was the
4th year for the Contest. (The Spring meeting of the
Committee being held at the Departmental Auditorium this date.)
3:15 pm (The President left for the dedication of the new AMVETS
Headquarters at 1710 Rhode Island Avenue.)
3:30 pm [Public Papers: Address at the Dedication of the New AMVETS Headquarters in Washington]
    (Immediately following this dedication, the President left

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