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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Monday, June 25, 1951
9:30 am (EDST) The President and his official party left Washington on the
  INDEPENDENCE for a visit to Tullahoma, Tennessee, for the
  purpose of dedicating the Arnold Engineering Development
  Center. The following accompanied the President:
  Mr. William Hassett General Robert Landry
  Mr. Joseph Short General Wallace Graham
  Mr. Matthew Connelly Mr. David Stowe
  General Harry Vaughan Mr. Donald Dawson
  Admiral Robert Dennison General Maylon
  Mr. Jack Romagna
10:30 am (EDST) The President arrived at William Northern Field, Tullahoma
and received honors.
10:55 am (EDST) The President and motorcade departed for Arnold Engineering
Development Center.
12:00 pm (EDST) Chaplain C. I. Carpenter opened the dedication with invocation.
12:03 pm (EDST) General Carroll introduced Mayor Farrar who introduced local
dignitaries. At conclusion, Mayor Farrar presented gift of
miniature plaque to Mrs. Arnold.
12:11 pm (EDST) Major General Lewis A. Pick, Chief of Engineers, U.S. Army, was
introduced by General Carroll and made a six-minute speech.
12:17 pm (EDST) General Carroll escorted President Truman, Governor Browning,
Secretary Thomas K. Finletter [Secretary of the Air Force], General Vandenberg, Senators and Congressmen
to the rostrum. (Band played "Hail to the Chief")
12:21 pm (EDST) General Carroll introduced Mr. Silliman Evans, who introduced,
for bows, distinguished guests with the exception of Senators
McKellar and Kefauver, and Representative Joe Evins. Silliman
Evans' last introduction was that of Joe Evins.
12:31 pm (EDST) (Joe Evins) introduced his Congressional colleagues from Tennessee.
12:41 pm (EDST) General Carroll introduced Senators McKellar and Kefauver.
12:44 pm (EDST) General Carroll introduced Governor Browning who spoke for ten
12:54 pm (EDST) Governor Browing handed over the deed for the Arnold Engineering
Development Center to the Secretary of the Air Force, Hon.
Thomas Finletter. The latter spoke for three minutes.
12:57 pm (EDST) Hon. Thomas Finletter, Secretary of the Air Force introduced
General Hoyt Vandenberg, who spoke for one minute.
12:58 pm (EDST) Governor Browning took over again and presented Mrs. Arnold with
a bouquet of flowers.
12:59 pm (EDST) Mrs. Arnold made a one-minute speech of acceptance.
1:00 pm (EDST) Governor Browning took over again and introduced the President
of the United States.
[Public Papers: Address in Tullahoma, Tenn., at the Dedication of the Arnold Engineering Development Center]
    At the close of the speech, the band played the National Anthem.
2:00 pm (EDST) (LUNCHEON)
3:30 pm (EDST) Immediately following the luncheon the Presidential party departed
Tullahoma and returned to Washington National Airport, arriving
at approximately 6:30 p.m. EDST.
7:00 pm (EDST) (The following gentlemen dined with the President
at the Blair House:) OFF THE RECORD
Honorable Dean Acheson, the Secretary of State
Honorable George C. Marshall, the Secretary of Defense
Honorable John W. Snyder, the Secretary of the Treasury
Honorable William C. Foster, Administrator, ECA

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