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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Wednesday, June 20, 1951
    [Public Papers: Directive Establishing the Psychological Strategy Board]
9:45 am (Mr. Neal Helm, of Caruthersville, Missouri)
(Mr. James M. Reeves, of Caruthersville, Missouri)
(Mr. James Greer, Dyersburg, Tennessee)
(Mr. W. A. McCretchen, Tiptonville, Tennessee)
(Mr. Gerald Devin, St. Louis, Missouri)
(Mr. M. R. Rowland, of Caruthersville, Missouri) OFF THE RECORD
(Mr. O. F. Patterson, Caruthersville, Missouri)
(Mr. G. Wood Smith, of St. Louis, Missouri)
(Mr. D. B. Young, of St. Louis, Missouri)
10:00 am (Staff)
10:45 am (Mr. Wendell Lund)
(Mr. Gerald Cleary) OFF THE RECORD
11:15 am (Mr. T. Swann Harding, Editor, Office of Information,
Department of Agriculture) OFF THE RECORD
(Arranged by Mr. Joseph Short, who brought Mr. Harding in.)
11:30 am Honorable Johan Albert Nykopp, the Minister of Finland
(Newly appointed; presented credentials.)
11:35 am Honorable Nong Kimny, the Minister of Cambodia
(Newly appointed; presented credentials)
11:45 am (Honorable J. Howard McGrath, the Attorney General)
(Miss Margaret Owen)
(Mr. Stephen Owen) OFF THE RECORD
12:00 pm Congressman Franck R. Havenner, of California
Congressman Clyde Doyle, of California
Congressman Clinton D. McKinnon, of California
Congressman Samuel W. Yorty, of California
Mr. Harry Wade, Secretary to Congressman Doyle
(Congressman Havenner asked for this, stating they wished
to talk to the President re Reapportionment Act in California)
12:15 pm (Mr. and Mrs. John Hurley and daughter) OFF THE RECORD
(Friends of Mr. Frank Land, who called Mr. Matthew Connelly from
Kansas City June 13th to ask if the President would greet
them; Mr. Hurley is Director of Sears Roebuck in St. Paul. Came
to see Mr. Matthew Connelly and saw the President Off the Record)
12:30 pm (Mr. Beverly Smith, Chief of Washington Bureau, Saturday
(Mr. Joseph Short and Mr. George Elsey)
(Arranged by Mr. Joseph Short, who brought Mr. Smith in. Half hour.)
1:00 pm (LUNCH) (On the way to luncheon the President stopped outside
his office and greeted busloads of underprivileged children,
brought to Washington each year by Congressman Mack of Illinois.
These handicapped and underprivileged children selected
by non-partisan committees with recommendations being
made by teachers, principals and superintendents in
various school districts. The Congressman says they
refer to this group as most deserving rather than
underprivileged so that the individual pride may be
protected.) OFF THE RECORD
2:40 pm (The President left Blair House for National Airport, where
he met the President of Ecuador, His Excellency Galo Plaza
Lasso, who arrived in the United States for an official
visit. Upon arriving back at the Blair House from the Airport,
there was a small Tea for the President of Ecuador and Senora
3:10 pm [Public Papers: Remarks of Welcome to the President of Ecuador at the Washington National Airport]
8:05 pm (The President left the Blair House for the Carlton Hotel,
where he gave a dinner in honor of the President of Ecuador
and Senora de Plaza.) OFF THE RECORD
[Public Papers: Toasts of the President and the President of Ecuador]

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