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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Thursday, June 14, 1951
9:45 am Congressman Michael Kirwan, Ohio
(Called Mr. John Carroll yesterday and asked for this. Wanted
to see the President before leaving for Ohio.)
10:00 am (Staff)
11:00 am Honorable Frederick Lawton, Director, Bureau of the Budget
(One-half hour)
11:30 am Honorable Maurice Tobin, Secretary of Labor
11:40 am (Mr. Theodore Marks) OFF THE RECORD
11:45 am His Excellency Senor Dr. Luis Machado, the Ambassador of Cuba
(Asked for this through Protocol; to discuss sugar reciprocity
12:00 pm The President received the Members of the Twenty-first National
  4-H Club Camp. The State Department cleared the list of Foreign
  4-H Club Members.
  Name Country
  Affeldt, Dietrich Germany
  Bailee, Noel North Ireland
  Chosson, Micheline France
  Chowdbury, A. M. Pakistan
  Cisneros, Genardo El Salvador
  Connolly, Sheila Ireland
  Cocu, Mr. Jules Etienne Belgium
  Czernin, Vinzenz Austria
  Deane, Mrs. Diana Levis Ireland
  Demal, Hartmann Austria
  Feix, Herbert Austria
  Fives, John L. Ireland
  Fleming, Archibald Scotland
  Gaier, Hans Austria
  Gondowarsito,A. S. Indonesia
  Hanimer, Thomas Austria
  Hanke, Wolff Germany
  Hansen, Christen Ejgil Denmark
  Hartl, Noel Northern Ireland
  Haudot, Bernadette Therese France
  Hussian, A. A. Pakistan
  Jensen, Peter Torberg Denmark
  Kaiser, Franz Austria
  Kammer, Vreny Switzerland
  Kennedy, Maurice Ireland
  Khan, Said Pakistan
  Khin, Aung Burma
  Knuhtsen, Ellen Denmark
  Korvald, Lars Austria
  Krancsics, Heinz Austria
  Krettenauer, Gustaf Germany
  Lambie, Neil New Zealand
  Le Baudour, Francois-Marie France
  Lyttle, Victor Best North Ireland
  Marcellin, Roger France
  May, Nyunt Burma
  Moffat, Maurice New Zealand
  Morrison, Elizabeth North Ireland
  Mulcahy, William Ireland
  Mumethaler, Ruedi Switzerland
  Nomblot, Jean-Paul France
  Oemarjene, Mr. Indonesia
  O'Flanagan, Michael J. Ireland
  Patterson, Bruce New Zealand
  Peat, Watson Scotland
  Peltonen, Maija Finland
  Pirchner, Franz Austria
  Pryosusilo, Sujone Indonesia
  Rehu, Ruth Germany
  Reichle, Josef Germany
  Reralle, Louis France
  Ryan, John Raymond Ireland
  Schedl, Hagen Austria
  Schmidt, Anneliese Germany
  Scott, Kathleen Scotland
  Scott, Leonard New Zealand
  Sillanpaa, Mikko Finland
  Simonsen, Gunnar Bruun Denmark
  Singalavanya, Thumnong Thailand
  Soedibjo, F. X. Sjamso Indonsesia
  Soekarmanto, Mr. Indonesia
  Stewart, Alexander Scotland
  Sufi, M. H. Pakistan
  Tavaila, Kari Finland
  Torrens, John North Ireland
  Utomo, Gregorius Indonesia
  Voight, Brigitte Germany
  Wallig, Alfred Austria
  Weiss, Herbert Austria
  Wohlfahrt, Ludwig Germany
    [Public Papers: Remarks to the Delegates to the 21st National 4-H Club Camp]
12:15 pm Mr. John E. Bierwirth, President, National Distillers Products Corp.,
of New York
(Wrote Mr. Connelly stating he planned to be in town and wanted
to see the President a few minutes to tell him one thing he
thought the President would find interesting.)
12:30 pm Honorable Dean Acheson, the Secretary of State
(Usual Thursday appointment)
Honorable John McCloy, High Commissioner for Germany
1:00 pm (LUNCH)
    The remainder of the afternoon was kept open for the President
to work on his speech to the Nation concerning price controls.
10:30 pm (The President addressed the Nation from his Office in the White
[Public Papers: Radio and Television Report to the American People on the Need for Extending Inflation Controls]

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