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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Wednesday, May 9, 1951
    [Public Papers: Special Message to the Senate on the Convention on Wage and Hour Statistics Adopted by the International Labor Conference]
10:05 am (The President left for the Department of Interior Auditorium
to address the Industry Council.) OFF THE RECORD
10:20 am [Public Papers: Remarks at a Conference of the Industry Advisory Councils of the Department of the Interior]
11:00 am (Staff)
12:00 pm The President was presented with a Piano in honor of
National Music Week. The following guests were present:
BLISS, Mr. Robert Woods
PHILLIPS, Mrs. Duncan
MITCHELL, Mr. Howard, Director, National Symphony
HOWE, Mrs. Walter Bruce
BALES, Mr. Richard
ORION, Mr. Harold, Veterans Administration
MILLER, Mr. Justin, President, National Assn. of Radio-Television Broadcasters
RIVERS, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E.
HARBACH, Mr. Otto, President, ASCAP
JANSSEN, Mr. Webster, President, Piano Manufacturers Assn.
MALLERY, Mr. Otto, President, National Recreation Association
LCDR T.M. WANNAMAKER, Office of Public Information, Dept. of Defense
FRAWLEY, Lt. L.W., USN, Special Events, OPI-OSD
MILLER, Capt. J.E., Jr., Editor, Armed Forces Day Bulletin, OPI-OSD
SANTELMANN, Major William F. H., Leader, U.S. Marine Band
DAVIC, Cpl. Miles, M., 1st Marine Regiment, wounded on first day of
Inchon landing, September 15, 1950
SIMPSON, Sgt. Imogene, Hq. Bn. USMC, Henderson Hall, Arlington, Va.
COPENHAVER, Lt. Harold L., Commanding USAF Bandsmen School, Bolling Air Force Base
KRESS, Tech. Sgt. Roy, 51st Fighter Wing, FEAF
TURKS, Cpl. Dolores M., Directorate of Public Relations USAF
CASTILLO, Lt. Edmund, USN, Office of Information
RAINEY, Lt. C.W., Navy, Office of Chief of Information
HOLMES, LCDR Wilbur, Navy School of Music, Naval Gun Factory
CARRINO, Paul J., HM1 USN, Bethesda Naval Hospital (played piano)
BROUGH, Daisy PN1, Chaplain's Asst., Navy Receiving Station,
Anacostia, (played piano)
THOMPSON, Commander W. D.
MEAR, Major Samuel E., U.S. Army Band, Special Services, Office of
Adjutant General
GREEN, Pfc Johnny, 34th Infantry Regt., 24th Div., now at Walter
Reed (played piano)
STEVENS, Sgt. Dorothy, Hq. Co., WAC Det., South Post, Ft. Myer, Va.
(In August 1949, T.E. Rivers, Secretary, National Music Week,
made the suggestion to Mr. Ross that the National and Inter-
American Music Week Committee would like to present to the President
a composite piano, the joint and cooperative work of all
members of the Piano Manufacturers Association. At first
wanted to make presentation in May 1950, but manufacturers
felt time too short to do it in way they wanted it done, so
was postponed to 1951. Presentation made in Fish Room;
Major Santelmann of the Marine Band made the opening remarks
and presented Otto J. Mallery, President of National
Recreation Association, sponsor of National Music Week, who
presented the piano to the President. The President made a
few remarks, played the piano a bit, and then asked some of
the servicemen present to try out the piano.)
[Public Papers: Remarks at a Ceremony in Observance of National Music Week]
12:30 pm Congressman Adolph J. Sabath, Illinois
(Called Mr. Connelly Tuesday and asked for this.)
12:45 pm Honorable Stuart Symington, Chairman, Reconstruction Finance Corporation
(Asked for fifteen minute appointment)
1:00 pm (LUNCH)
3:00 pm (Honorable Paul Fitzpatrick, Chairman, Democratic State Committee, N.Y.)
3:15 pm (Judge James D. Cooney, of Chicago)
(Mr. William Taylor, of Boston) OFF THE RECORD
3:30 pm (Honorable John L. Sullivan, former Secretary of the Navy) OFF THE RECORD
(Called Mr. Connelly yesterday)
4:15 pm (Honorable Charles Wilson, Director of Defense Mobilization)

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