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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Monday, May 28, 1951
9:45 am (Admiral Sidney Souers)
(Mr. James Lay) OFF THE RECORD
10:00 am BIG FOUR - The Vice President, Honorable Alben Barkley
The Speaker, Honorable Sam Rayburn
Senator Ernest W. McFarland, Arizona
Congressman Percy Priest, Tennessee
(Congressman Priest invited in the place of
Cong. McCormack, who was in Massachusetts)
10:50 am (General Charles Maylon) OFF THE RECORD
11:00 am CABINET [Meeting]
(Interior was not represented as both Secretary and Under
Secretary were out of town. Charles Wilson was represented
by Sidney Weinberg)
12:00 pm H.E. Einar Gerhardsen, the Prime Minister of Norway, and
Mrs. Gerhardsen
H.E. Wilhelm Munthe de Morgenstierne, the Ambassador of Norway
(The Prime Minister asked if he might bring his wife when
he paid this courtesy call on the President; she is
President of the Norwegian Labor Union, a Norwegian
political party)
12:15 pm Mr. Cody Fowler, President, American Bar Association
(Judge Stephens, Chief Judge, Court of Appeals, D.C.,
called Mr. Connelly May 21st to ask if Mr. Fowler
might call on the President)
12:30 pm Honorable Dean Acheson, The Secretary of State
(Usual Monday appointment)
Honorable John Foster Dulles
1:00 pm (The President gave a small, informal, stag luncheon at the Blair
House in honor of the Prime Minister of Norway:)
(The following were present:)
H.E. The Prime Minister of Norway, Einar Gerhardsen
H.E. The Ambassador of Norway, W. Munthe de Morgenstierne
Mr. Hans Olav, Norwegian Foreign Office
The Vice President, Honorable Alben Barkley
The Secretary of State, Honorable Dean Acheson
Senator Tom Connally, Texas
Sentor H. Alexander Smith, New Jersey
Representative James P. Richards, South Carolina
Representative John M. Vorys, Ohio
Honorable George W. Perkins, Assistant Secretary of State
3:00 pm The President viewed a display of posters in the East Wing, painted
by School Children in connection with the Bond Drive.
3:30 pm Honorable Lloyd Spencer
(Formerly served short term in Senate from Arkansas, now
President of First National Bank of Hope, Arkansas; knew
the President when the President was in Senate; asked,
thru Mr. Biffle, if he may pay respects)
3:45 pm Honorable Francis J. Myers, former Senator from Pennsylvania
(Called Mr. Connelly last week to ask for this)
4:00 pm Congressman Robert Crosser, Ohio
Honorable Roy Scott, former Judge
(Congressman Crosser called Mr. Connelly and asked if he,
with Speaker Rayburn, might bring in Judge Scott; stated
Judge Scott had been considered for recent vacancy in
Cleveland which was filled by Judge McNamee; Crosser later
called and said the Speaker would not come, that he did
want the President to know of his interest in Judge Scott.
Congressman Crosser just wishes to have Mr. Scott pay his
respects, then retire to reception room while the Con-
gressman takes up the business of his Committee with the
4:15 pm Honorable William M. Boyle, Jr., Chairman, Democratic National Com.
6:55 pm (The President motored to Union Station where he saw Mrs. Truman
and Mrs. Wallace off to Missouri. The President returned to
the Blair House) OFF THE RECORD
The following were present:
Senator Brien McMahon, Connecticut
Senator Herbert Lehman, New York
Senator Theodore Francis Green, Rhode Island
Senator Warren G. Magnuson, Washington
Senator Matthew M. Neely, West Virginia
Congressman Michael J. Kirwan, Ohio
Congressman Herman P. Eberharter, Pennsylvania
Congressman Henry M. Jackson, Washington
Congressman Chet Holifield, California
Congressman Ray J. Madden, Indiana
Honorable Charles Murphy
Honorable David Stowe
Honorable George Elsey

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