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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Thursday, May 24, 1951
    [Public Papers: Special Message to the Congress on the Mutual Security Program]
10:00 am (Pre Press)
10:30 am Press and Radio Conference [Public Papers]
11:00 am (Staff)
11:35 am (Judge James McGranery, of Philadelphia) OFF THE RECORD
11:45 am (Honorable Joseph Keenan, A.F. of L.) OFF THE RECORD
12:00 pm The President received the Members of the Conference of United
States Attorneys:
Honorable J. Howard McGrath, The Attorney General, and Mrs. McGrath
David McGrath
Honorable Philip B. Perlman, The Solicitor General
Honorable Peyton Ford, Deputy Attorney General, and Mrs. Ford
Honorable H. Graham Morison, Asst. Attny. Gen. and Mrs. Morison
Honorable Theron Lamar Caudle, Asst. Attny. Gen., and Mrs. Caudle
Honorable Holmes Baldridge, Asst. Attny. General
Honorable A. Devitt Vanech, Asst. Attny. General
Hon. James M. McInerney, Asst. Attny. Gen., and Mrs. McInerney
Hon. Abraham J. Harris, Asst. Attny. Gen., and Mrs. Harris
Hon. Harold I. Baynton, Asst. Attny. Gen., and Mrs. Baynton
Mr. and Mrs. Salvador A. Andretta (Admn. Asst. to Attny. Gen.)
Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Kilguss, (Deputy Admn. Asst. Attny. Gen.)
Honorable J. Edgar Hoover, Director, FBI
Hon. James V. Bennett, Director, Bureau of Prisons, and Mrs. Bennett
Hon. Dean L. Schedler, Director, Public Relations, and Mrs. Schedler
Hon. A. R. Mackey, Comm. of Immigration and Naturalization, and Mrs. Mackey
Miss Grace M. Stewart, Exec. Asst. to the Attny. Gen.
Mr. Hugh H. Clegg, Asst. Dir., FBI
Mr. and Mrs. David Edelstein, Asst. Attny. Gen.
Miss Mildred E. Fanebust, Sec. to the Attny. Gen.
Miss Regina C. Meany, Office of the Attny. Gen.
Mr. Leo M. Cadison, Asst. Director, Public Relations, Dept. of Justice
Mr. William A. Underhill, First Asst. to Deputy Attny. Gen.
Anna C. Dennean, Office of the Deputy Attny. Gen.
Mr. Drew O'Keefe, Special Asst. to the Attny. Gen.
Mr. Clive W. Palmer, Special Asst. to Attny. Gen. and Mrs. Palmer
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Horan, Special Asst. to Attny. Gen.
Mr. Frank Chambers, Special Asst. to the Attny. Gen.
Elizabeth A. Thomas, Office of the Deputy Attny. Gen.
Suzanne Sturgeon Thomas, Office of the Deputy Attny. Gen.
Martha Mangin, Office of the Deputy Attny. Gen.
Mr. Edward O. Fennell, Office of the Deputy Attny. Gen.
Ault, Otto T. and Mrs. Ault, Eastern Tennessee
Bingham, Frank C., and Mrs. Bingham, Alaska
Boyle, Edward C., Western Pennsylvania
Brown, James L., (Assistant), Nebraska
Brown, John, Western Tennessee
Brown, Joseph E., Southern Mississippi
Bulkeley, Max M., Colorado
Carmichael, Hugh D., (Assistant) Montana
Carver, Mr. and Mrs. John A., Idaho
Carver, LaVerne
Crossman, Donna
Clancy, Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. (Assistant), New Mexico
Cooper, Mr. Joseph Earl, Alaska, Division No. 3
Cronin, Mr. Timothy T., Eastern Wisconsin
Deeb, Joseph F., Western Michigan
Diamond, Mr. Tobias E., Northern Iowa
Doyle, Mr. Howard L., Southern Illinois
Erickson, Harvey, Eastern Washington
Fairchild, Thomas E., Western Wisconsin
Fay, Mr. and Mrs. George Morris
Fay, Miss Dorothy
Fleniken, William J., Western Louisiana
Flynn, Bernard J., Maryland
Flynn, Mr. and Mrs. Frank E., Arizona
Mrs. Tager (daughter)
Flynn, Mr. Leo P., South Dakota
Miss May Flynn (sister)
Fountain, Percy C., Southern Alabama
Garrity, Mr. and Mrs. George F., Massachusetts
Gilmer, Howard C., Jr., Western Virginia
Gilmore, Patrick J., Jr., Alaska, Div. No. 1
Gleeson, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A., Eastern Pennsylvania
Gerald A. Gleeson, Jr.
Cecelia Gleeson
Celeste Gleeson
Gooch, Mr. and Mrs. James T., Western Arkansas
Grober, Mr. and Mrs. George L., Western New York
Mrs. Soanes
Hart, Mr. and Mrs. William R., Southern Iowa
Miss Mary Hart
Hart, Mr. William W., Eastern Illinois
Hartridge, Mr. and Mrs. Julian (Assistant)., Southern Georgia
Haynie, Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore S., Northern Indiana
Hepp, Mr. Everett W., Alaska, Division No. 4
Hess, Mr. and Mrs. Henry L., Oregon
Higbee, Mr. Irving J., Northern New York
Hill, Mr. and Mrs. John D., Northern Alabama
Hoddick, Mr. Howard K., Hawaii
Hoffman, Mr. George Earl, Northern Florida
Mrs. June Hutcheson (daughter)
Holt, Mr. Bryce R., Middle North Carolina
Humrickson, George R., Eastern Virginia
Kane, Mr. and Mrs. Edward T., Eastern Michigan
Kerner, Mr. and Mrs. Otto, Jr., Northern Illinois
Landrum, Clarence U., Minnesota
Lanier, Mr. Powless W., North Dakota
Lessard, Mr. Alton A., Maine
Mr. Joseph Tansey
Luther, Mr. Lester, Kansas
McGrath, Mr. Daniel E., Canal Zone
McKay, Mr. John N., Eastern Louisiana
McNamara, Mr. Joseph A., Vermont
Mackey, Mr. James G., Guam
Maguire, Mr. Arthur A., Middle Pennsylvania
Maher, Mr. and Mrs. Adrian W., Connecticut
Manning, Mr. John Hall, Eastern North Carolina
Marvel, Mr. William, Delaware
Mauzy, Mr. Whitfield Y., Northern Oklahoma
Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Donald C., Northern Ohio
Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Warren G., Eastern Texas
Mr. Warren Moore, Jr.
Miss Nancy Gerard
Moursund, Mr. Henry W., Western Texas
Mundy, Mr. J. Ellis, Northern Georgia
O'Donnell, Mr. and Mrs. Ray J., Southern Ohio
Odem, Mr. Brian S., Southern Texas
Parker, Mr. E. Burns, Middle Alabama
Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Frank J., Eastern New York
Mr. Frank Parker, Jr.
Phillips, Mr. Herbert S., Southern Florida
Pike, Mr. Niles N., Nevada
Ponsa Feliu, Mr. Francisco, Puerto Rico
Potter, Mr. Frank B., Northern Texas
Richman, Mr. and Mrs. Grover C., Jr., New Jersey
Sager, Mr. Harry (Assistant), Western Washington
Saypol, Mr. and Mrs. Irving H., Southern New York
Sheehan, John J., New Hampshire
Shelton, Mr. Robert E., Western Oklahoma
Spillers, Charles Lee, Northern West Virginia
Stephens, Mr. and Mrs. Claude P., Eastern Kentucky
Summers, Mr. Cleon A., Eastern Oklahoma
Sumners, Mr. and Mrs. Chester L., Northern Mississippi
Swiggart, Mr. James M. (Assistant), Middle Tennessee
Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. A. Garnett, Southern West Virginia
Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Ferguson
Tolin, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A., Southern California
Mr. Ernest A. Tolin, Jr.
Miss Alison Tolin
Tramutolo, Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey F., Northern California
Troy, Mr. George F., Rhode Island
Uzzell, Mr. Thomas A., Jr., Western North Carolina
Mr. Francis Fairley (Ass't.), Western North Carolina
Walls, Mr. David C., Western Kentucky
Watson, Mr. Drake, Eastern Missouri
Wear, Mr. Sam M., Western Missouri
Welsh, Mr. Matthew E., Southern Indiana
Whaley, Mr. Ben Scott, Eastern South Carolina
Williams, Mr. John C., Western South Carolina
Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Respess S., Western Arkansas
Watkins, Mr. T. Reese (Assistant), Middle Georgia
[Public Papers: Remarks to Members of the Conference of United States Attorneys]
12:15 pm Congressman George M. Rhodes, Pennsylvania
(David Niles asked if this could be arranged; the Congressman
had told Mr. Niles he had never met the President and asked
if it might be arranged)
12:30 pm Honorable Dean Acheson, Secretary of State
(Usual Thursday appointment)
12:55 pm (Mr. Sam Wear, U.S. Attorney, Kansas City, Missouri) OFF THE RECORD
1:00 pm (LUNCH)
3:00 pm (Honorable Philip Perlman, The Solicitor General) OFF THE RECORD
3:15 pm (Mr. Arthur Krock, New York Times)
(Mr. Joseph Short)
(Mr. Joseph Short brought Mr. Krock in thru Lower West Door)
4:00 pm Honorable John W. Snyder, the Secretary of the Treasury
4:15 pm Monsignor Curtis Tiernan
7:45 pm (The President and Mrs. Truman left Blair House for dinner with
friends.) OFF THE RECORD

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