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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Tuesday, May 1, 1951
10:00 am (Staff)
11:00 am Congressman Wayne L. Hays, Ohio
(Called Mr. Matthew Connelly last week and asked for this.)
11:05 am (General Frank Lowe) OFF THE RECORD
11:15 am Colonel J. D. Alexander, Adjutant General of Alaska
Colonel Edward Condon
(Colonel Condon asked Mr. Matthew Connelly if he might bring
Colonel Alexander in to meet the President.)
11:30 am (Honorable William D. Pawley) OFF THE RECORD
12:00 pm Honorable Camille Gutt, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund
(Is retiring and asked if, while in Washington, might pay
respects to the President.)
12:15 pm (Mr. Harry Frazee, of Little Rock, Arkansas) OFF THE RECORD
(Called Mr. Matthew Connelly from Little Rock, April 23rd. Came in to
see Mr. Matthew Connelly and saw the President Off the Record.)
12:30 pm Honorable George C. Marshall, The Secretary of Defense
(Usual Tuesday appointment)
1:00 pm (LUNCH)
3:15 pm General H. H. Johnson, in charge of Hoof and Mouth Disease work
in Mexico
(Is leaving this job with Agricultural Department and asked
to say goodbye to the President. Secretary Charles F. Brannan asked for this.)
3:30 pm Honorable William M. Boyle
Senator Thomas C. Hennings, Jr., Missouri
(This is Mr. Boyle's usual Tuesday appointment.)
4:00 pm (General Omar Bradley, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff) OFF THE RECORD

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