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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Thursday, September 7, 1950
    [Public Papers: Statement by the President Upon Signing Bill Regarding Marine War-Risk Insurance]
9:30 am (General Omar N. Bradley) OFF THE RECORD
9:55 am [Public Papers: Remarks to Members of the Marine Corps League]
10:30 am Press and Radio Conference [Public Papers]
11:00 am (Staff Meeting)
12:00 pm The President received Members of National Citizens Committee for
  United Nations Day. The following were present:
  Anderson, Joseph P. Auerback, Frank
  Bernstein, Mrs. David Bower, Miss Blanche
  Brown, Dr. Francis J. Campbell, Wallace J.
  Carr, William G. Carter, Mrs. Margaret R.T.
  Chapman, Mrs. Theodore Clinchy, Dr. Everett R.
  Cochrane, Miss Doris H. Cordier, Andrew
  Davis, Malcolm W. Denning, William
  Driscoll, T.G. Emeny, Brooks
  d'Estournelles, Miss Julie Ferebee, Dr.. Dorothy B.
  Fernback, Frank Fieberger, Miss Julie
  Frye, Mrs. Grace Hare Goldman, Frank
  Gorman, J.B. Grant, Miss Barbara
  Hacke, Mrs. Morris A. Harmon, Francis
  Haynes, Kit H. Hazen, John C.
  Hines, Lewis Hughes, Miss Hallie
  Hymer, Mrs. Esther W. Ingram, Miss Charlotte
  Irwin, Mrs. James W. Jacobs, Mrs. Camille
  Johnson, Albert E. Jones, Roland, Jr.
  Kelly, Robert A. Henderson, Horace
  Korbel, Edward J. Lee, Mrs. John G.
  Legendre, Leonce Linzer, Miss Estelle
  Loder, Miss B. Gertrude Logan, Dr. Rayford W.
  Lynn, J.C. Lyon, A.E.
  McDonald, Angus McGowan, Reverend R.A.
  Mealey, Miss Margaret Mitchell, Miss Eleanor
  Mitchell, James S. Morrison, Dr. Phoebe
  Mudge, Mrs. Alfred E. Murphy, Carl
  Nicholson, James T. Odor, Mrs. E. Branklin
  Parker, Mrs. Virginia Parks, Miss Mary Lou
  Patterson, John M. Porter, Mrs. Paul
  Reckmeyer, Miss Luella Reid, Robert
  Russell, Francis H. Ryan, Miss Mary
  Saymon, Miss Eleanor Schiff, Philip
  Schroeder, Mrs. Josephine U. Shackleton, Mrs. Robert
  Shank, Mrs. Robert F. Sibley, Harper
  Siddall, Hall Singer, Russell E.
  Sonne, H. Christian Spingarm, Jerome
  Straight, Michael Sweetner, Arthur
  Tanner, Very Rev. Msgr., Paul Tourover, Mrs. Raphael
  Van Duesen, Robert Van Kirk, Dr. Walter W.
  Warren, Miss Gertrude Wilson, Allen
  Wilson, M.L. Wyland, Dr. Ray O.
  Whitfield, Dr. J.F.
    [Public Papers: Remarks to the National Citizens' Committee for United Nations Day]
12:15 pm Major General Kenneth F. Cramer, Chief, National Guard Bureau,
Department of the Army
Honorable Frank Pace, Secretary of the Army
(Secretary of the Army requested this appointment)
12:30 pm Honorable Dean G. Acheson, Secretary of State
(Usual Thursday appointment)
1:00 pm (Lunch)
3:00 pm (The President attended meeting of National Security Council, in
Cabinet Room)
4:00 pm Honorable Frederick Lawton, Director, Bureau of the Budget
4:30 pm Congressman Paul Brown, Georgia
5:00 pm Honorable Warren R. Austin

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